Classi Wants to Make Each Watch a Smartwatch

The Smartwatch industry develops further and in particular at a huge pace – more and more opportunities are available, many sophisticated and diverse variants of the modern watches are available. Now, the European company MainTool on behalf of established subsidiary wants to connect smart features and classic watches.

In contrast to “correct” Smartwatches, which usually are equipped with digital touch screens that simulate a dial, the founded company called “Classi” pursued a different approach. The Classi band is merely about a bracelet, which can be combined according to the manufacturer with every classic watch, which is for a long time already on the arm or in the drawer. This is the ability to transform their / his watch in a Smartwatch every lover and every lover with more “konservativerem” taste anyway.

How does the concept?

In the band included both a battery, a processor, Bluetooth connection and various other digital features are, as one would expect at a Smarwatch. Thus, it allows the clock to perform functions of a fitness Tracker – including the counting of steps and calories consumed, a heart rate monitor or measurement of temperature. The accessory using a magnetic charger can be charged. Classi unable, is of course to cover the wide range of tasks a Smartwatch per se – it ensures however that also owns of a classic clock, which would hold on this, can add some features of a Smartwatch.

So far there is still no information on the price of the bracelet – this would be possible however from a range of about 90 euros. Also a release date not there unfortunately. Looking at other products of the company on Indiegogo, one could calculate 2017 with a launch in the second quarter.