Class Upgrade Is Here for Your Android Smartwatch

Google Android wear 2.0 released with some delay, the next major release of the operating system of the Smartwatch. Among other things the play store and the Google Assistant belong to the scope of the update.

LG Watch: It comes directly with the new Android 2.0

Google makes a new start in the Smartwatch business with a refreshed operating system. Android 2.0 is more focused on fitness and communication and will adapt more easily, the product manager said Davis singleton of the German press agency. «We have very carefully looked at, which features people really use and adapt the software.» The Google Assistant who can answer questions from users with the support of artificial intelligence will be incorporated directly into the wear software.

All supported Smartwatches find in Google’s blog post at the bottom.

As a first reference model for the new software, a LG clock developed jointly with Google was also presented on Wednesday. It has a round instead of rectangular display in contrast to the market-leading Apple Watch and can go in the sport version directly in the mobile network. At the same time, it has a knob for moving the screen similar to the Apple operating concept.

Run apps directly on the watch

The apps run directly on the clock and will be installed there, the connected Smartphone is used only for the Internet connection. It watches with Android wear 2.0 are also better with the iPhone can be used than in the past, Singleton said.

Google took time with the second version of Android wear almost three years. Apple brought his computer clock in spring 2015 on the market. Meanwhile, updated the iPhone group the software several times and was also a second version of the device with a built-in GPS chip for detecting site this holiday season. While Apple and Google seem to have made similar use cases for their clients: A focus on fitness applications, text messages, and a simpler change of the dial indicator.

Apple filled about two-thirds of the market

According to market researchers, the new Apple Watch in the Christmas business was well received. Apple have in the previously quarter for the unit sold six million watches and so that about two-thirds of the market occupied, calculated the analysis firm of Canalys. Even 80 percent of industry-wide earnings at Apple were landed with regard to sales.

Singleton pointed out also Android wear have recorded growth. The sales of watches with Android wear in the previous year have increased in the recent Christmas quarter. Among many established watches manufacturers for stepping into the Smartwatch business are Android wear.