Chronograph for Ladies

Chronograph for ladies

Chronograph for ladies – the perfect combination between technology and design

Chronograph for ladies multi function watches are equipped with a start-stop function the measured time will be shown over three more dials? The model name chronograph comes from the Greek and means as much as “I write the time”. The three small dials of the chronograph for ladies serve as an indicator for the start-stop function, also numerous models will also have an alarm function. With the stylish appearance of the day, month and date display, the chronograph for ladies is the real Designhighlight. Many functions require many COGS and these in turn need space. Until 1821, the Frenchman RIEUSSEC developed a chronograph which came out with the conditional space of a wristwatch. Today the development of beautiful chronograph for ladies demands yet all the designers, but the additional display leaves must be placed attractively on the dial. Highest demands are used for a chronograph for ladies of the quality of materials and workmanship.

Beauty and elegance in chronograph for ladies on

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