Chic French Smartwatches

It may well be that next Christmas you find the new smart watch of the Vuarnet brand under your tree.

A Smart Watch 100% French

The French eyewear Vuarnet has just announced that he was going to develop a whole new Smart Watch both “sport and chic”. The brand actually entrusted manufacturing as well as distribution of its future product to Red Luxury French society, the market leader in watches.

Multiple Features

Watch linked via Bluetooth to a smartphone app (IOS or Android? we don’t know) will have different features such as a pedometer. You can also answer your calls directly from your watch with the help ofa microphone and a speaker integrated. Finally, as we explained Romain Bénichou, co-founder of Red Luxury, the designers did not want to “everything happens on the application”. The latter chose to install a small screen on the dial of the watch so that the wearer could read his messages without having to use his phone.

A Smart Watch That Really Resembles a Watch

Currently most (if not all) these Smart Watches on the market is more focused on the side innovative even futuristic accessory. To the point that the designers forget almost the aesthetic part.

This is where Red Luxury comes. Indeed, the watch manufacturers designed it in a way to make elegant in all circumstances. According to them “many fans of connected objects have not specifically want to abandon to the fact of wearing a nice watch on the wrist”.

The object will be in a Dial sheltered by a round steel case whereby we will have integrated a screen. As for the bracelet, manufacturers have already announced that it would be available in croco and many other subjects they same declined in several colors.

The Vuarnet smartwatch will be available from the end of the year for holiday priced at 149 euros on Chronologicalwatches.