Casio Prw-3000-1er Pro Trek Radio

The new PRO TREK: faster, smaller, and more accurate. Whether ambitious mountaineering, fast-paced mountain biking or relaxing hiking tours: with the new Watch Casio Pro Trek Prw-3000-1ER “mount roller tone” you are perfectly equipped for any adventure that awaits you,In addition to compass,barometer, altimeter, thermometer and Countdown Timer scores the ultra-flat outdoor clock withtough solar and wireless technology. For more exact recording of all data that “Mount roll sound” also features the latest sensor technology from CASIO: the”triple sensor version 3″ is even smaller and more power efficient and measures through shorter sampling intervals now more precisely. The PRW-3000-1 contains an innovative system for the measurement of Sky direction, altitude, air pressure and temperature, with the”triple sensor version 3″ was once considerably improved. Equipped with demerreicht PRW-3000 more accurate values for data measurement in the PRO TREK series as E.g. the sensor of direction of used in the PRW-3000 in comparison to the previous sensor only 10% of energy and was once strongly reduced. The continuous measurement of the compass direction has been increased from 20 seconds to 60 seconds what takes account of the value desired by professionals at reading maps and search for routes. Also the performance of the engine was increased and reduced inspection time at the altitude measurement differ significantly from 5 seconds to 1 second now, while at the same time has improved the accuracy of five-meter meter steps increments. These improvements ensure a high precision when reading the altitude data…

If you want to rely on not only in everyday life, but also under extreme conditions on your watch, is the PRO TREK’mount roller tone”the perfect companion to the wrist-see for yourself!

The model is online available at Philosophynearby.

Overview Of The Functions Of The Watch:

Super full auto LED light

Cold resistant (-10°C)

Solar powered

Radio signal reception (EU, USA, Japan, China)

Barometer (260/1,100 hPa)

Thermometer (-10°C/+60°C)

Digital compass

Altimeter 10,000 m

Heights addition

Altimeter data storage

Sunrise and sunset display

World time function

Stop watch-1/10 sec–1,000 hrs.

Timer -1/1 min-24 h

5 daily alarms

Snooze function

Key tones on/off


12/24-hour format

Mineral glass

Resin case

Resin bracelet

Charging light

Water resistance classification (10 bar)

The Prw-3000-1 Casio Promotional Video: