Casio Digital Watches

Not only visually leaves the CASIO watch Edifice Era 200db 1aver a sporty impression, they also see

technically can: you have Smart Fu functions as a digital compass with direction sensor, which detects the magnetic north or a temperature gauge. It is also waterproof up to 10 bar.

Some features of the clock:

Super Illuminator 
Button the dial or display of the watch is illuminated especially bright and colorful, so that everything can be seen also in absolute darkness.

Neo Display 
The pointer or the index are fluorescent and glow in the dark about when the clock was previously exposed to a light source

Digital Compass 
A directional sensor detects the magnetic north and digital displays.

Thermometer (-10 °C/+60°C) 
A sensor measures the ambient temperature of the watch and displays them in degrees Celsius (-10°C/+60°C) to.

World Time Function 
The world time function displays times in up to 29 different time zones.

Stop Function: 1/100 Sec-24 Hours
For athletes and those who want to know: Meanwhile, elapsed time and end time are measured with an accuracy of hundredths of a second. The measurement capability of clock ranges up to 24 hours.

5 Daily Alarms
The day alarm, in which there is an acoustic signal at the set time reminds daily recurring events. In addition, it draws attention to an hourly alarm on the end of each hour on the hour. This model has five independent alarms-convenient to the daily intake of drugs or to keep a regular schedule.

Snooze Function 
After you stop the alarm signal, it sounds again automatically after a few minutes.

Key Tones On/Off 
On request, the tones with the mode button can be switched off. After switching off, there is then no beep sound more, when changing from one function to the next. Set alarms or countdown timer is still active after switching off the keypad tones.

Once set, the automatic calendar shows always the correct date.

12/24-Hour Format 
The time display is optionally adjustable to 12-or 24-hour format. In the 12 hour mode a p in the display for the second half of the day is, so 12: 00 noon until 23:59.

Mineral Glass
The hard, scratch-resistant mineral glass protects the watch from unsightly damage.

The housing is made of solid stainless steel and the highlight is the ionized bezel.

Solid Stainless Steel Bracelet
Hard, durable and elegant: The massive stainless steel bracelet is the high-quality classic watches.

Safety Cap
It is reliable: the strap of this watch is equipped with a particularly safe lock, which prevents accidental opening.

2 Years=1 Battery 
Approx.2 years the battery provides the watch with the necessary energy.

Water Resistance Classification
Perfect for swimming and snorkeling: according to, the watch is water resistant to 10 bar/100 m. Refers the meter not a depth, but the air pressure, which is applied in the framework of the water leak test. (ISO 2281)

Dimensions And Weight Of The Clock
approx. 49, 8mm x 46, 7mm x 13, 1mm (H x W x D)
Weight: approx. 165 g