By Asus And Samsung: The Smartwatches Of The Year 2014

The year 2014 could be the beginning of a new era: this year as many Smartwatches as never before thanks to Google and Android wear have come on the market. From the square LG G watch up to therundenMotorola Moto 360 was everything. While Apple fans only with an announcement were fed up and have to wait until 2015, Microsoft surprised with a combination of fitness Tracker and Smartwatch.
LG G watch R – best total package
At first glance, you might think that it is G watch R at the LG an analog wristwatch. But on second glance turns out G watch R as one of the best Android wear-Smartwatches, which currently exist in the market.
Okay, the optics certainly plays an important role and one or the other would decide definitely to the simpler Moto 360 design. But battery life, performance and display are compared directly ahead. Thus, the LG is better than the wear interpretation of Motorola Android G watch R in a complete package.
Moto 360 – round elegance
With the Moto 360, Motorola has harvested much praise for the simple design of this Android wear Smartwatch. Even now, where theMoto 360 after a long wait is finally sold, it is one of the most beautiful Smartwatches. Unfortunately they seem a bit too much emphasis on a pretty appearance and forgetting to incorporate equal technology.
The display is not quite round due to the integrated light sensor and resolves not so fine as for example the LG G watch R. Also we have our test found that the Moto 360 noticeably carrier responds, and not so long as the G watch R. Who but can overlook these peculiarities of the Moto 360, who gets a magical Smartwatch.
ASUS ZenWatch – the stragglers
Already at the IFA, Asus has his interpretation of an Android wear-Smartwatchgezeigt, and she couldn’t quite see. Even if the ZenWatchnot round like a Moto R is 360 or G watch, she is but very well managed. Unfortunately the delivery so much at the end of the year hasbeen delayed, we no longer were able to test the ASUS Smartwatch. But we are certainly very soon do this.
Samsung gear S – theory independently
Google has a software platform available on the currently very many manufacturers rush to produce appropriate Smartwatches with Android wear. But in fact they are all identical and also assigned on apaired Smartphone with Android OS in their functions. Samsung offers with the gear Seine Smartwatch, which can theoretically completely do without connection to a Smartphone, since a SIM card slot and GSM module was built into the gear S. It can thus do so, what can a Smartphone.
It is only a pity that in our test came out, the gear S but a Smartphone requires the establishment of. You can also install the gear appeven just on a Samsung Smartphone. It’s a pity that Samsung herenot has decided to be more open.
Microsoft band – N egg of the year
We all had felt it, but no one really believed has. Microsoft has surprised everyone with his band. The mix of fitness Tracker and Smartwatch succeeded quite the idea and also in the implementation – because the Microsoft band understands itself with iOS, Android, andWindows phone.
Only in terms of design and processing, Microsoft must learn muchabout. Because our review showed that the display was slightly wrong and also very easily scratched. Of the functions from the Microsoft tape could but quite convincing. And because Cortana speaks German now, nothing in the way should be an official sales of the Microsoft tape in this country.
Apple Watch – the dream
Even if the Apple Watch is not yet available, it should be noted theSmartwatch from Cupertino in this annual review. On the iPhone 6 keynote, you demonstrated a Smartwatch unmatched by its touch. The design is certainly debatable and is a purely personal matter. Butthe operation, a combination of touchscreen and the Crown, attracted much attention on.
In the first Hands-On after the keynote could get used Felix with thenew operating concept for the Apple Watch and was also very fondof. Let’s see how the Apple Watch then will be in the final version.We are very excited and ever dream of a test device.