Buy TenFifteen X 01 Plus: Cheap Smartwatch with Smartphone Features

Today we have a Smartwatch for you, which is actually also a Smartphone. However, you’ll spend just once just over 50 euros for it. Thus, if it has no other reasons, at least the game drive to purchase should convince.

A Smartwatch with integrated Smartphone

The TenFifteen X 01 is actually a Smartwatch. It comes with a 1.54-inch display, which displays 320 x 320 pixels. A Mediatek MTK6572 dual-core processor 1.0 GHz with 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of Flash memory is installed. This unusually thick for a Smartwatch hardware equipment is necessary 5.1 lollipop for the Android running on it.

Because, technically, the Watch has more similarities to a Smartphone. It comes even with a resolution camera with 2.0 MP. You can insert a SIM card and then the Smartwatch – what’s going on the Internet – is independent from a Smartphone.

Otherwise hide a few Smartwatch features in the piece of jewelry. Messages can appear which are counted steps and pulse are recorded. In addition, the model is waterproof according to IP65.

The integrated battery pack has a capacity of 600 mAh. By the way, even the Flash memory with a micro-SD card can be extended.

Now on sale

The TenFifteen X 01 is currently on sale at Gearbest. At a price of not even 54 euro, you can let them come home to you.