Buy Finow Q3: the Smartwatch Which Was a Smartphone

The Finow Q3 is a Smartwatch with a relatively large screen. Although it looks relatively inconspicuous, she’s a sly old dog behind the ears. Because it is actually in fact a Smartphone for the wrist.

With Android

The Finow Q3 has a 1.39-inch screen. He responds to touch input. A Mediatek MTK6572 is installed processor that has two cores running at 1.3 GHz. Together with the 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of Flash memory, which provides the basis for the Android 4.4 operating system running on the clock.

You can insert a SIM card. Then the Smartwatch able to tap into the mobile network and is not dependent on the paired Smartphone. Nevertheless, the device can be pair with a Smartphone. The features repaired with that are especially designed to complement, if the Smartphone must stay at home, such as sports.

But back to the Smartwatch features: the Finow Q3 can assume also a few features you would want in a Smartwatch. So, it is possible to access the notifications, to absorb sounds, to count the steps and to measure the pulse. Even GPS in there in the watch.

Now on sale

You can now buy the Finow Q3. It is offered at Gearbest, where she is currently about 62 euros. The offer is however limited.