Buy Bracelet Watches

Between the brand, the size, the shape, the price… it is sometimes difficult to choose his watch, then here are a few tips.

Should I wear a watch? What is your budget for his watch? And most importantly… how to choose the right shows? Remember, in this article I presented a very nice watch to the English PAUL SMITH brand, whose pictures also illustrate the current article.

Guess, Diesel, Fossil, Adidas, Marc Jacobs… but how to choose the right bracelet watch and above all… should we wear the same watch all the time?

To help you, we’ll put in place a series of questions that you must answer in order to help you in the choice.

1. How old you? If you are under 18 years old, buying will be more compulsive than anything else, if you are 18 years and more, you’ll begin to appreciate the beautiful things and especially, to wear accessories that match your personality, so if you have more than 18 years, we go to question 2.

2. What is your budget? If you have less than 200 euros, we’re going to focus on a single Watch, if you have 300 euros, we can move towards 2 distinct watches.

3. Do you sport? Indeed, men more often break their watches during sports activities, must therefore provide a suitable watch and not to wear his watch during a weight training session, is a fashion accessories, so useless in gym.

4. Are you rather classic, chic man or metro sexual? It sounds complicated but it’s simple: the classic guy will wear a watch very simple, black and Brown, unadorned, like for example watch MARC BY MARC JACOBS, model Baker MBM1265 149, the smart man will move towards a much more expensive watch, indeed, he does not count and want nice things and you notice. The Metro sexual, will instead take a fashion watch, like watches of the Guess brand, and have several, to adapt them to each look (day, evening, weekend).

5. The last question about the bracelet… be a leather strap or a bracelet, this question, I don’t have an answer for you, indeed, depends on your skin type, some people do not support the leather, must test your sensitivity to the leather on the one hand, and note also that a leather strap must be replaced It doesn’t have the same lifetime as a LED bracelet.

Here, you have answered the 5 questions, you so a bit Advanced, there is to this day a good cross-section of watches for men, and answer my questions will help you to filter and select the watch that will make you the most pleasure.