Better than Apple?: Looks Like a Luxury Smartwatch

In the spring the Swiss watchmaker has Tag Heuer with Intel and Google together partnering for the first luxury Smartwatch Android wear announced. Now the manufacturer shows a first photo of his Smartwatch and also reveals the name of the clock: Tag Heuer connected. With further info day is still covered Heuer – announces the official launch of the manufacturer for the November 9.
Already in the run-up it was announced that the luxury watch is sold at the earliest from autumn 2015 at a price of 1,400 dollars. The battery should have a duration of approximately 40 hours, writes Bloomberg.

Luxus–Smartwatch nicht “Swiss Made”

The hardware is provided by Intel, while the software provides Google with Android wear. Tag Heuer and from Switzerland are design, case and Crown. The Smartwatch would be the first clock by Tag Heuer, which does not completely comes from Switzerland. So “Designed and Assembled in Switzerland” will be on the clock expected to. For a connected watch, as it is called in Switzerland, the inscription would be “Intel inside” ultimately of greater value, as the inscription “Swiss made”, the CEO of Tag Heuer. Could Intel’s microprocessor Module Curie, which contains a Quark SoC, are used.
Not only Tag Heuer focuses on luxury, explained by EDUCATIONVV.COM. The most prominent competitor is Apple of course with the Apple Watch, incurred for which see the luxurious five-figure sums. Elegant Smartwatches also join the Olio, quite unknown manufacturer Olio model one also offers watches (rose) gold to cost up to $1,400.  (mib/dom)