Best Activity Smartwatches

The Smartwatch or watches smart are of fashion, that is something unquestionable. Watch Android you are telling all the news and the news of the Smartwatch you need to know. Now we bring you little cousin, the best Smartband or bracelet (fitness) activity of the moment.

1 best bracelets of activity less 100 Euros.
2 best bracelets of activity more than 100 Euros.

The evolution of these devices in those last times is incredible adding is each day more companies to the market of the Smartwatch… But the market’s wearables items has only just begun.

In addition to this activity bracelets article, you can find on our website a selection of the best Smart Watches with their prices, analysis and comparisons.

If you have heard of Smart Watches, sure have you also heard of Smartband, called smart bracelets, bracelets of activity or fitness bangles.

The Smartwatch or Android watches, must be added the Smartbands (smart bracelets) devices whose similarity with the first is sometimes difficult to tell apart. The bracelets in occasions have so many or more features that a smartwatch, and to complicate the thing, many of them carry screen.

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The best Smartband of the 2016 (less than 100,00€)

Sony SWR10 Garmin Vivofit-Red Xiaomi my S1 Band Huawei TalkBand B1 Fitbit Flex
Screen and belt No display-
Multiple colors
Screen 1 “touch No-
Multiple colors
Not (leds) – multiple colors 1.4 “OLED –
No display-
Multiple colors
Connectivity Compatible with Android 4.4 or higher Android and iOS Bluetooth 4.0-
Android 4.4 and iOS
Android 4.0 or later
iOS 5.0 or later
Bluetooth 4.0
Android and iOS
Monitor sleep No (if alarm smart) If If Not If
Heart rate monitor Not Not (heart rate monitor verion €98,00) If Not Not
Battery autonomy 4-5 days 1 year 10 days 5-6 days 4-6 days
Score bracelets 6 / 10 6.5/10 8.5/10 6/10 7/10
Price €47,00 €67,00 37,00 € OFFER €82,90 66,90 € OFFER

Activity bracelets reached the market somewhat before the Smartwatch.

Them Smartband without a panel touch (mostly), or access to applications have been perhaps something remote subsequently with the emergence of Android Wear, and all what this system operating means of revolutionary for them applications and features of these devices.

Although smart bracelets are still an option for athletes who help them to overcome day to day with the achievement of objectives and targets.

The Smartbands will help us to manage our sport by providing data of various kinds depending on the characteristics of the article. The most common data are: meter distance, heart rate, calories burned, staged travel, etc.

In the market today can differentiate between two types of bracelets smart:

  • On the one hand, would be those bracelets that have a great similarity with a smart watch or clock android; which tend to have a small screen for different basic functions (interact with applications, tools and notifications of our phone, etc…).
  • By another, have some Smartband more “simple” centered in the Management sports and health; not tend to have screens and them steps them perform from our Smartphone (eg.) Xiaomi my Band).

Here you are the Smartbands or smart bracelets that have given that talk last year.

According to our analysis the best Smartbands of the moment comparing money.