BASELWORLD 2008: Watches Glycine Incursore Black Jacks

Glycine, After the launch in the fall of the new collection Incursore Black Jack, now add 2 new models, simple but very black.

The predominance of black giving name to the collection Incursore Black Jack prevails, the box and the sphere are this color and clockwise and other details are white and red. These two new models arrive for the great success with the first models of the collection.INCURSORE Black Jack Chronograph Automatic

This new chronograph looks a lot like the previous Incursore Black Jack Manual model that was launched a few months ago, but this time, the watch comes with a automatic movement. The 3 and 9 are represented with numbers; at 12 we find a timer of 30 minutes, and 6 an indicator that shows the date, as well as a totalizing schedule that features up to 24. Inspired by the game of Black Jack, number 21 in red and the image of Black Jack on the sphere reminiscent of the game. This model has been limited to only 500 copies.

INCURSORE Black Jack Small Second

The Black Jack Small Second Although at first glance it may seem very simple, if you look more closely, the clock is quite colorful. Added to the design in black and white a second hand in red on the small orb at 6 o’clock, as well as a 21, same as the other model, also in red. The clock has a 2895 movement and incorporates a Sapphire Crystal. This new model is launched to the market in a limited edition to 350 parts.