ASUS: Cheap Smartwatch with Android Wear

ASUS wants to introduce a new Smartwatch IFA at the fair, which will boast a low price against the rival Samsung gear live and LG G watch. The announced ASUS CEO Jerry Chen to investors, reported Focus Taiwan.

According to Chen the clock should not only with affordable convince, but look even better than the competitors. He got this assessment of Google, that should have been very impressed by the ASUS clock. Google had the ASUS Presentation the Android wear operating system as one of the hardware partners, but yet no watch ASUS shown.

While current Android wear Smartwatches like the Samsung gear live or the LG G watch about cost 200 euros, the ASUS clock could be therefore at 150 to 170 euros. This ASUS could make up for, what has worked out the competition with their previously launched products on advantage.  (cm)