Apple Watch Series 3 Buy: New Smartwatch Pre – Order for Release

The Apple Watch series 3 is in the starting blocks. Even Apple’s new Smartwatch is but Apple, nor Amazon buy or pre-order.
When Apple Watch series 3 preorder and buy

The Apple Watch series 3 was officially announced. On September 12 was Apple’s latest Smartwatch in addition to the iPhone 8 presented. Currently allows the Apple Watch series 3 but not to buy or pre-order.

The Apple Watch series 3 will be available in two different versions, which differ in price:

-A version with LTE modem will be available for 449 euros.

-A scaled-down version without LTE modem, however, costs 369 euros.

Them in this country should move the prices converted into euros at a similar level.

From 15.09.2017, you can pre-order the Apple Watch series 3. This Apple is working to launch in Germany closely with Deutsche Telekom together. As the release date is the 22.09.17 Meanwhile, a week later.

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Apple shows new features in Apple Watch series 3

Apple equips its new Smartwatch with an own LTE modem, without affecting the dimensions of Apple Watch series 3 according to AristMarketing. The clock can connect with such a modem independently with the cellular network, without having to rely on an iPhone. An improved battery life to support them. A new dual-core processor provides the necessary computing power under the compact display.

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