Apple Watch Series 2 42mm (Smartwatch)

Apple’s Smartwatch evolution has succeeded

Conclusion of the 29.09.2016

Compared to the predecessor evolution revolution the Apple Watch series 2 is rather than. In the test, she afford no serious weaknesses, can stand out compared to the predecessor, but only on the basis of the very special features for athletes. The bottom line is the new Apple Watch recommended and a useful addition to the iPhone.

Much improvement in the Interior

Since the test to the first Apple Watch 42mm more than a year ago a lot has happened in the area of Smartwatches. Apple triggers a similar evolution to do so, as it is to see in the iPhone. While externally no serious differences between first and second Apple Watch, some does at the hardware base. The calculation basis is now a dual-core SoC, the Apple with S2 may refer to. Primarily, this assures that native watch apps launch faster, smoother runs the exchange between the applications and the watch for future and more complex apps is equipped. 512 MByte RAM and an 8 GB great Flashmodul for apps and data the main technical specifications complete.

The first Apple Watch depends very much on the iPhone and only then if the Smartphone in Bluetooth reach remains meets most purposes. The series 2 the developer from Cupertino buy a separate GPS module, what drives the emancipation of clock and Smartphone. Matching Apple modified the housing so that it can withstand the pressure of a 50-meter water column and thus is waterproof for the most applications. Just float that calls Apple as a new target group, is happy that the sporting activity railway for train adequately captures the watch series 2.

Noble watch cross-country skiers

The most important measurement in Smartwatches is the battery life. We define without enabled GPS module, which is why your personal value – can be significantly different depending on the usage scenario and stress -. In our benchmark, and we create the display on high brightness and every minute the test candidates receive an E-Mail and confirm, reached the Apple Watch series 2 strong 32 hours and 39 minutes. Only the Pebble-watches and which Casio WSD-F10 lie about it. Compared to the first Apple Watch 42 mm format, the result increases by whopping 12 hours. On the other is a charging time of 1:46 hours. The bottom line, we can therefore certify a very good battery the Apple Watch series 2 according to militarynous.

A few words about the rectangular OLED-display of the new watch: On a 1.5-inch size, the manufacturer packs 312 x 390 pixels. The result is a pixel density of 334 ppi. Apple itself also speaks of the brightest display which has made the company so far. In the presentation, nits luminance is talk of 1,000. And indeed: under extreme exposure to the Sun, the watch display reaches exactly this value. The integrated light sensor works with pretty intelligent and energy-saving.

A watch series 2, umpteen variations

There’s the Apple Watch series 2 in many versions to buy. For this test, the 42 mm version in black stainless steel case with sports wristbands available is us. This model is priced at around 700 euros. Spenders pick instead of watch with aluminum casing, the of in the different versions such as Gold / cocoa at the price of about 450 euro there. Delicate arm joints, however, access to the smaller 38 mm version, for example, in Silver / white at the price of around 420 euro. Something more noble the 38 mm variant is me stainless steel case and Mesh Bracelet price from 750 euro from. Fans of the sports brand Nike can assemble the joint perfectly to the brand: the Apple Watch series 2 Nike + 42 mm in Space grey with black strap is currently 450 euro.

The Apple Watch series 2 can be engineered in hindsight. The good news for those who already had the predecessor: The bracelets are compatible with each other completely. Who has added his previous watch so colored ribbons, can use this also to the new watch. This also applies to bracelets from third-party manufacturers offered to Hauf, for example, through Amazon and its marketplace. Because even the display has the same size, display protection foils are compatible with each other.