Apple Watch: Iphone Watch Compared with Android Wear

Contrary to many assumptions, the Smartwatch from the home Apple iWatch not means, but Apple Watch. Yesterday, the US-based group has introduced the wristwatch in Cupertino. CHIP online introduces the Apple Watch in detail and draws the comparison with Android-wear devices.

Apple Watch:Editions, price

The Apple Watch comes as well as the iPhone 6 in two different sizes and three different editions. The smaller version of the Apple Watch has a 38 mm-wide case, the larger version measures 42 mm. The display diagonal of the touch panel accordingly varies between 1.5 and 1.65 inches. The editions run under the label Apple Watch, Apple Watch sports and Apple Watch Edition. Depending on the version Apple changes the available bracelets and the housing material. Both sizes are available for all variants. With the exception of the sports Edition Apple displays extremely scratch-resistant Sapphire Crystal equips. So does Apple pay also with the Apple Watch, the Smartwatch has a built-in NFC chip. The prices of Apple Watch are to begin from around $350, Apple did not further details so far. The price of individual bracelets is as little known as the exact release date of the Smartwatch. Tim Cook, after all, gives a clue: 2015 is the Apple Watch on the market.

Apple Watch:Digital Crown & Features

The Apple Watch combines classic watch features with the latest technology. The digital Crown, a dial that is intended to facilitate the operation in addition to the touch input is sitting on the side. You zoom, scroll, or navigate with the digital Crown without having your finger covering the display. Push on the dial, you return to the home screen. The touch-operation works like on the iPhone, select apps, or navigate through the menus of the Apple Watch operating system. The Apple Watch OS is limitless, the arrangement of apps and color schemes can be changed, you can switch the dials of the Apple Watch. Small widgets extend the clock display, for example, stock quotes or phases of the moon.

Apple Watch:Doodle & Siri

Under the digital Crown is a physical button that displays your favorite contacts. The Doodle feature send painted line drawings on the Apple Watch to friends – unless they have also a Apple Watch. The function of digital touch allows the Morse of knock, which draw attention to the other party by a corresponding vibration pattern. The heart rate sensor fitting on the back of the watch transmits even the own heartbeat at Apple Watch other users upon request. In addition, is Siri aboard, which dominated apparently although no speech output, you can still dictate messages. Incoming calls answered directly with the Apple Watch or redirect it to your iPhone. The watch comes with an integrated microphone and gives talks about the own speakers. A keyboard is not available.

Apple Watch:Fitness-Tracker features

The pulse sensor of the Apple Watch complements the numerous fitness features. While the fitness app monitors the General movement of the Smartwatch carrier using the accelerometer, the workout app is able to record sporting exercises. It recognizes the fitness app about how often sitting, or tells whether one creates movement the recommended 30 minutes a day. Here, the Apple Watch considered various forms of activity, about walking, cycling or jogging. The workout app shares your collected data with the health app and third-party apps on the iPhone.

Apple Watch compared with Android wear

The Apple Watch displays various information from the Smartphone like also Smartwatches with OS Android wear. Apple calls this function of glances. Swypen from the bottom of the screen upwards, calendar entries, messages or missed calls appear. You can also remote control for the iPhone music player through glances. How, for example, for the ASUS Zenwatch or that LG G watch There will be for the Apple Watch also customized apps.

Apple eventually follows a Hawaiian concept as Google with Android wear his watch OS. In fact, both systems offer similar functions differently packed. What takes over at Android wear Google now, works with the Apple Watch about Siri. It offers sophisticated fitness Tracker-features Sony Smartwatch 3 for example, also. Only the Doodle-communication, the Morse by digital touch, as well as the digital Crown represent real innovation on the part of Apple. The styling is probably a matter of taste, but the price and the lack of any battery life information could turn out to be a problem for the Apple Watch.  (dps)