Apple Watch: Get Google and Ebay out?

The watchOS apps from Google maps and Amazon have disappeared with a recent update from the Apple Watch – for the Smartwatch industry everything else as a good sign. While Amazon apparently plans no comeback on the Apple Watch, a new Google statement gives a little reason to hope now at least maps users.

Apple Watch: Amazon says Google maps & eBay support on the brink bye

The Smartwatch industry not easy; it has since time immemorial a few years ago, celebrated as “the next big thing”, the high-tech watches sell to today at best moderate. As Amazon and Google, and also eBay their apps recently banned without notice by the Apple Watch, like the one or the other analyst in the decision have recognized perhaps the beginning of the end of Apple Watch.

After Google suggests its map service of Google maps without giving reasons dropped out of the clock, a Tweet now on, that the app will be supported in the future may be back. Therefore, Google maps will no longer supported since the last release of iOS on the Apple Watch; you expect however to bring the map service “at some point in the future” back on the clock. A similar statement exists for some time by eBay. Amazon has until further notice apparently no plans, the Apple Watch back to support.

Apple Watch: Google & eBay support despite statement further unclear

Yet the question remains whether Google and eBay the in-house apps will again be offered on the Apple Watch, – both companies keep covered with regard to details and avoid naming a clear timeframe for a return; almost as if you wanted once wait how the market develops.

It is: three large app services within a short time of the Apple Watch disappeared with Google maps, Amazon, and eBay (although possibly only temporarily), is not a good sign; for Smartwatch manufacturer in particular, Amazon and Google have as part “Big Four” enormous impact on the time in digital. The Apple Watch is the clear leader in the Smartwatch industry -that large companies should abandon her, once again shows how uncertain is the future of high-tech watches as a whole.