Apple Watch and All What We Know and Do Not Know It [Apple in 2014]

I think that we will remember this 2014 as the year of the iPhone 6, the year in which Apple relented and released by mobile end with a big screen. But let us not forget something that in the long run, perhaps it is just as relevant: This year we have seen the birth of the Apple Watch as a new product category in the company of the bite Apple.

Tim Cook presented him in September as “the most personal device that Apple has created”, and got all the public is blown in applause. Three months later, we know many things from Apple Watch but also There are many things that are still a mystery. Let’s make a summary of what could be the absolute protagonist of the 2015 which is already about to get.

What we know

  • We know that Apple Watch is not no hobby as it is (and I believe that it remains) the AppleTV. In Cupertino want to I will sell millions, that between the eyes at all stores, and that is well anchored to the fashion world as it is already happening with some French events and Chinese style magazines. As I’ve said before, we have the product you want to star in the technology owners in the coming year.
  • We know that, following tradition, Apple has created an interface and completely new user experience. Anything to reduce the existing iOS to a smaller screen: have to reinvent everything so that its use is perfect, although that force to create even a new font.
  • We know that we will have three models: one for athletes, one general purpose and a Deluxe Edition on treated in 18-carat gold. And that will require an iPhone 5, 5 c, 5S, 6 or 6 Plus to use it.
  • We know (or rather Intuit) that will be our main unit for address notifications, Since it will be easier to take off the iPhone from your pocket. Suddenly, the whole world will return to make the gesture of the doll to look at a clock. Only that not just to look at the time. At the same time, we know that it will be a perfect accessory to monitor our health and habits.
  • We know, thanks to the curiosity of some developers, that at the moment the first applications of Apple Watch will run on the iPhone to use the watch as a simple terminal to show results through your Bluetooth connection. Later, as you take experience and feedback received, applications will begin to run natively on the same clock.
  • Finally, we know that Apple Watch can be used to perform Apple Pay payments. It will suffice to bring our doll to the payment terminal.

What we don’t know

  • We still do not know the most important thing: their precise. Yes, we have the data of 349 dollars as a basis, but we do not know if that will be the price of the general model or of the oriented to sports. And certainly we do not know the price of the model made in gold. Nor do we know if we will have to purchase separately a belt, and what price will be.
  • We do not know its release date Apart from ‘principles’ of the year 2015. The latest rumors suggest that we hope to March or April, and to be the sale of a new product not would eliminate delays of other products and services as it did with OS X Leopard.
  • We don’t know your specifications concrete, beyond that S1 chip that encompasses the entire base plate and the necessary chips for Apple Watch. I don’t think that they care much always that the user experience is good, although more than one curious will want to know what chips equipped with clock and how Apple will to squeeze the most. At least we already have concrete resolutions of their two sizes.
  • We don’t know the battery that will, so we can not make habits of charging will take. Tim Cook, two months ago, said publicly that we will end up using it so intensely that we will have to charge it every day.
  • Finally, we know that the competition is already reacting but we have no idea of How are the products that will rival Apple Watch. Traditional watch industry will try to get their own smartwatches, and of course we will have the pressure of the smartwatches with Android. At the moment, the pryecciones of sales taken from surveys suggest some good sales of the Apple Watch long-term.

2015 as one of the most promising years for Apple

Was not yet in Applesfera editor when the first iPhone was announced, but I entered just in time to see how Apple’s phone It catapultaba Apple to a more privileged position of which already had with their iPod. The arrival of the iPad led us still more work on the blog, trying to market more.

The arrival of the Apple Watch in what I hope is less than half a year take Apple still further, covering more products, more services, more applications, more scenes from our daily lives… so in Applesfera we will be very busy. And you have no idea how excited we are editors with this. Do you join follow a 2015 key for Apple with us?