Apple Watch 2 Vs Apple Watch 1

Apple has presented at the this year’s keynote address not only the new iPhone 7, but brings the new Apple Watch 2. We compare Apple Watch 1 with 2.

Apple Watch 2: The same design, new features

We have drawn up already by Apple for the new generation who expected Apple Watch a new design, but on the basis of rumors has – the new Apple Watch 2 remains visually When the old. For this a lot has happened inside the watch.

So, the watch comes with a built-in GPS radio module and barometer now actually. That makes the Apple Watch 2 ideal for fitness fans! While the first Apple Watch (which is now called Apple Watch series 1) still needed the GPS signal from the Smartphone to record routes, you can go with the Apple Watch 2 without Smartphone. Now, the question is us:leaving in fact even his cell phone at home?

The housing is waterproof according to Apple up to 50 meters – thus, Apple is now also the buying public like floating. Especially since Apple also a swimming app for the Apple Watch 2 at the keynote introduced. If water penetrates into the integrated speaker, this can carry independently off the Apple Watch series 2 the water due to vibrations.

Apple Watch 2:Brighter display, not a stronger battery?

The largest driving map Smartwatches General and the battery is also on the Apple Watch. Whether Apple here has helped to, can we not see the keynote, because nothing was said. That makes us somewhat puzzled, as the freshly integrated GPS module is sure properly suck on the battery. We forecast: daily (or nightly load) is again duty with the Apple Watch series 2.

The fact is:Apple worked properly on the display. This should be the brightest display that the manufacturer has ever installed in a device. Also, the stronger processor Apple S2 faster launching applications on the clock and snappier processed Siri speech input is new. Good thing, because in our daily lives the Apple Watch 1 taking a long time partly liked again. Apple indicates that the dual-core CPU is 50 percent faster than its predecessor, and also the GPU is more powerful.

Interesting: The first Apple Watch is continued under the name Apple Watch series 1, also gets the new dual-core processor and is cheaper. So now pay 349 euros instead of as before 399 euro for the first Apple Watch with 38 mm case in the simplest design.

The Apple Watch 2:something for everyone in

In addition to aluminum and stainless steel housing is there for the first time, a gleaming white ceramic body and a sporty, although optically habituation needy, Nike Edition. There will be the new Apple Watch series 2 with a housing dimension also from 38 millimeters from 419 euros, the Hérmes variant is available, however, only proud 1.349 euro. The clock like that is available new iPhones 7 and 7 plus as of September 9. In the shops is the clock starting on September 16.