Apple Smartwatch Reviews

When Apple began developing its smart watch , executives envisioned a kind of next – generation medical device with the ability to measure blood pressure, heart activity and stress levels, among other things, according to people.

But none of these technologies was included in the highly anticipated Apple Watch, which goes on sale in April . Some did not work reliably, others were too complex and others might have generated an unwanted regulatory oversight, these sources said.

That put Apple executives in the difficult position of defining the purpose of the smart watch and determine why a consumer might need or want such a device. His answer, for now, is a bit of everything: wear a fashion accessory, see information more easily than on a phone, shopping with payment system Apple Pay , communicate in new ways through remote touches or drawings, and monitor daily activity. Apple declined to comment.

“One of the biggest surprises when people will start using it is the variety of things you can do (the clock),” he said last week at an investor conference week Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO.

Even as the company builds up record profits with the iPhone , the Apple Watch is a great bet, which could become a new engine of growth and reduce dependence on company smartphones. For Cook, it is also an opportunity to prove that Apple can still produce the kind of revolutionary products that defined the company during the term of his predecessor, Steve Jobs.

Apple Watch faces significant challenges. The device needs to be near an iPhone to have wireless connectivity or collect information from global positioning system. This makes the watch a fixture of a device that performs well and most of the tasks.

It is also in an intermediate category between jewelry and electronic consumer, creating different types of consumer expectations on quality, obsolescence and shopping experience.

To cover this range, Apple plans a variety of watches different prices, starting at US $ 349 in the United States. It is anticipated that more sophisticated models with gold frame 18K, will be among the most expensive products that Apple has made, and will probably surpass the Mac Pro more expensive, from $ 4,000.

Marketing Watch Apple will not be as simple as promoting the company’s previous products. The iPod was a way to bring your music collection in your pocket while the iPhone was a mobile phone with Internet connectivity and a revolutionary touch screen. Apple sold the iPad as a simpler way to navigate the web and view photos and videos.

Still, analysts expect the appeal of the Apple brand and loyal customers become the Apple Watch in the computer product market most successful dress.

Apple is preparing for a start at full speed. People familiar indicated that the company is asking suppliers in Asia that manufacture five million and six million watches in the first quarter.

One source said that half of the first quarter production would be the simplest sport model Apple Watch Sports and a third of the intermediate model, which has a stainless steel frame and a screen of sapphire.

Production to such a level would exceed by far the computing apparatus Dress Samsung Electronics , LG Electronics , Sony , Motorola Mobility and multiple devices to monitor performance during physical activities. Research firm Canalys said last week that in the second half of 2014 just 720,000 smart watches running Android Wear, Google’s operating system for computer clothing dispatched.

ABI Research estimates that Apple will sell 11.8 million watches in 2015, representing almost half of all devices in this category.

Apple’s ability to attract millions of users to a new type of device will help encourage software developers to create the kinds of interesting applications that boosted the appeal of the iPhone and iPad. This relieves the pressure to conceive and deliver a spectacular show from the beginning.

An appeal is likely Apple Pay, the payment service.

Some features of the Apple Watch are tactile. An engine will create vibrations, or touch, to send information to the user. Moreover, different functions can be activated depending on the intensity with which the clock display is pressed. Apple has indicated that this will create a new form of “more intimate” communication.