Apple Iwatch: Smartwatch Against Heart Attacks?

Update from the 17.02.14

In the past few weeks Apple new specialists for sensors for won – a now submerged Article According to not without reason:the Californian company plans allegedly iWatch with opto-electronic sensors to equip his smart high-tech watch, which can monitor both heart rate and heart rate as the oxygen content of the carrier.
Via light reflection measurement data can be evaluated and then converted into electrical signals. In this case, the light penetrates into the tissue of the watch wearer before and detected via sensors measurements such as heart beats per minute, the current pulse rate and oxygen saturation in the body. Vital signs of the iWatch carrier should thus carefully measured and monitored are and any abnormalities can hold exactly.
New talks here also the hardware manufacturer is in acquisition talks with Apple according to base, which already offers a similar watch on the market and rumors, probably already. The large group from Cupertino could acquire not only the technical expertise of optoelectronics developers of base here, but also their employees in the development of Apple iWatch integrate. Official receipts for this so far but remained out.

Original message from the 11.02.14

Apple’s smart wristwatch iWatch is probably less pay than expected – so internal sources report the health page Mobihealthnews. The Smartwatch will waive some gemutmaßte sensors and also the Gesundheitsapp Healthbook would be significantly restricted in their capabilities.
Because Apple increasingly hired technicians from the range for glucose and ingestions sensors, the assumption was that the iWatch would have such sensors. Also on a sensor which measures the hydration level of the wearer, has been speculated. None of these sensors is to now make it into the final product. In addition the iWatch would probably be no stand-alone Mini Smartphone for the wrist: the full functionality of the bracelet can only be achieved in combination with other mobile devices.

Healthbook versimpelt

Also, the report describes new insights about the analysis app Healthbook. This would serve the evaluation by the iWatch collected data, but also data from external devices can use. Application areas of analysis include sports, diets, sleep, stress and medication, also women’s health as well as the monitoring of pregnancies, and chronic diseases. In addition, the app could be used as a collective pool of medical data that could access third-party hardware and software. The report however doubts that the app will make very detailed analyses: Mobihealthnews speculated that a meeting between Apple and the American food and Drug Administration (food and Drug Administration) the waiver Regulation of the iWatch and Healthbook app addressed. That would limit the possibilities of the bracelet very.
Still it says: to against strong competitors, such as the Nike + Fuelband, to arrive iWatch probably Apple wants to market to the masses. So not only obsessive data collectors to find a benefit on the Smartwatch, but everyone should receive relevant evaluations. To use the iWatch as experience should be promoted and not, as in other Smartwatches, as a bonus game.  (rvo/csg)