Apple iWatch Flexible Display

Although the iPhone 7 this year to appear even the Apple Watch 2, there are so far relatively few rumors to Apple’s next Smartwatch. Published recently by the U.S. Patent Office, a patent of the company from Cupertino does now but hope that Apple’s new wearable with a genuine innovation could score points.

The patent describes a so-called “wearable display”, which should be suitable apparently for use in a wrist or on your wrist. The flexible form will enable this not through the use of an OLED display, but with a micro LED screen. In the first Apple Watch, Apple used an OLED display; could the Apple Watch 2 now probably put on a brand-new technology?

Apple bought the technology 2014

Micro-LED technology to bring except the ability to build flexible screens also have the advantage of very low energy needs with. It was developed by a startup called LuxVue, which was founded in 2009 and 2014 bought by Apple. The production of such micro-LED-displays to be difficult with increasing size and expensive. Perhaps Apple could technology have evolved but now so, it is now suitable for the production of a compact screen for the Apple Watch 2.

Just moderate battery life of Smartwatches could let such a screen may be significantly increased – and this would certainly be a gladly-seen key feature the 2nd Apple Watch thanks to the flexibility it would be also possible, fool the screen of the Smartwatch ergonomically around the wrist. We may be curious how the next generation of Apple’s Smartwatch is – look at the end and when Apple introduces them. While some expect it for the WWDC on June 13, 2016, others assume rather a presentation in the autumn.