Apple Is Preparing The Arrival of The Apple Watch Gold with New Security Systems in Their Stores

Over the next few days we will be seeing as little by little information regarding the Apple Watch increases prior to its release during the month of April, and is now data arise concerning storage and sale form Watch version of 18 carat gold, better known as Apple Watch Edition.

Apple Watch Gold will be all a piece of fine jewellery, where first data pointed to a price of $1200 there are even people who said that it could cost 5 thousand to 10 thousand dollars, being one of the products more expensive that we find in the Apple Store, therefore Apple has to think in How to protect this device within its shops.

Apple would be to implement a system of safes with design specially made to keep the Apple Watch each store, inside will find boots MagSafe watches are loaded overnight and ready for your day as demonstration equipment.

Apple Watch Edition inventory will be very limited in every store due to its high price, even speaks of having a special for sale system with private demo booths for customers who wish to know and try all variants, especially that of gold, do so more safely and look with their own eyes the difference between versions and materials, leaving the store in a discreet way for client security.

Of course all of this information will be known as the release date approaches.