Apple Already Looking to Your “Evangelists” of The Apple Watch

Apple He has published in its employment website a work that tells us that the company is still busy preparing the launch of your watch: It seeks to “evangelista” the Apple Watch, people who speak with developers to convince them that the step to take after their applications for iOS is entering its users doll.

And to convince them not only simply have good labia: must have experience in Objective-C and the use of Xcode as well as have the ability to solve the problems that stand quickly. It even warns that you get the job define sessions for the upcoming WWDC.

The most important thing for Apple Watch is to be launch with a good App Store from day one

We can sum it up in that Apple still knowing that the key to the success of the Apple Watch is its ecosystem of applications. With the iPhone was a start in which nobody knew what downloaded from the App Store, but now that everyone knows the most popular applications will want to have them in the Apple clock.

And will those evangelists that helping all developers of third party (individual developers or large companies), will ensure that the Apple Watch will have an App Store filled with attractive programs from the first day in the spring of 2015. It seems not, but it is one of the most important works so that a new category of products start.