Aplus Smartwatch

Cheap clone, with camera and handsfree.

We quite like this Chinese clock, perhaps because of its similarity to the “overrated” Samsung Gear 2. You can find a broad analysis of the Aplus Watch where you describe the features of this device.

It Aplus Watch has integrated camera of 1.3 mp, connectivity, NFC, adding SIM card, and also almost 3 days of autonomy (use medium). It also allows us to control our physical activity and sleep meter (although they are not as accurate as other higher-priced smartwatch data).

What more us called the attention of this watch is its design attractive, and his good finish. There is that add that has wide compatibility both with Android, as with iOS.

You can get this super smartwatch colors white and silver, by less than 69.90 € 35,99 in Amazon.


Good price.

Quite a few features and camera of 1.3 M.

Nice design.

Not so good:

✦ Possible problems of connectivity with Lollipop (Android 5.0).

✦ do not have Android Wear.