Another Way to Interact with Intelligent Watches: Tilting and Rotating Your Screens

A group of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are investigating alternative forms of interact with smart watches, devices that are increasingly fashionable and that seem to one of the big bets on the market in the coming months.

This group of engineers have created prototypes of watches in which in addition to the touch control or control by physical buttons can also be execute actions through the movement of the frame that surrounds the screen, that it rotates, tilts and even acts as a “gigantic” button.

According to its developers, the idea could provide a simple way to establish such appointments in the agenda, controlling music playback or browse a map in these small screens. Special sensors are responsible for detecting the type of movement, and that movement are associated with all types of actions.

In the video posted by these engineers – the best way to understand the idea – you can see how a user with this device rotates it and press to set an alarm, tilt it to go moving map, or even make such movements to control a small demo of the legendary game Doom adapted to this device.