Angelfish and Swordfish: Google-Smartwatches Appear in the 1st Quarter of 2017

In July we were you equal to two times the next Google- Smartwatches report which should appear with Android Wear 2.0. Now Evan announced pale, better known under the name of Evleaks, that Google is 2017 present the Angelfish and swordfish models expected in Q1.

Actually we could have thought us already it, Google announced to want to wait wear 2.0 a little with the release of Android. Evan pale confirmed, however, that we will get the official Google Smartwatches, which are internally known under the name Angelfish, and swordfish, 2017 presented in the first quarter. They are likely to act then as reference products for the new operating system and the other producers, what is possible.

This is already known

While it will be at the Google Angelfish to a relatively large Smartwatch, the Google swordfish appears to be much more compact and should give a good picture also on narrower arms. Special features such as built-in LTE and GPS will come but only when the Angelfish used, what hope can be at least at a cheaper price of swordfish. With on board, both definitely will have the new Android wear 2.0 including the Google assistants.

At the moment, it is not yet clear when in the first quarter of 2017 we can expect the presentation of Google Angelfish and Google swordfish. Personally I am but by an official event in February or March.