Android Wear: Google’s Smartwatch OS Is Officially

Google has first details of his Smartwatch OS unveiled with Android wear – including video with design concepts of smart watch.

Now it’s official:Android wear will be called Google’s Smartwatch OS. Developers get immediate access to the Android wear developer preview, with which the software already can be tested on the emulator.

Android wear:Clock with Google now features

The Smartwatch OS uses to existing Google now features. So, the Android wear about responds to the famous command “OK Google” and then answers the questions of the user.

The Google Watch displays also received messages and to support several social media apps. As expected, Android wear will include also fitness functions: the user is reminiscent of according to Google including schedules, receive summaries of fitness activities and real-time information such as, for example, the speed of walking or racing.

Google’s Smartwatch: Android wear the Smartphone controls

Android wear is to control other devices. Google mentions as an example among others start the playlist stored on the Smartphone, as well as forwarding stored videos from your phone to the TV.

The preview of the Android wear system can be tested already, more features will follow “soon”. Google is called as hardware partners who have a Smartwatch with the OS in planning, ASUS, HTC and LG, Motorola, Samsung, fossil as well as Broadcom, imagination, Intel, Mediatek, Qualcomm.

LG has the LG G watch already presented the first watch with a Android wear. Also Motorola has now unveiled its first Smartwatch with the Google OS, we have all information about the round Moto 360.  (man)