Android Wear for Ios: Use Any Smartwatch with Iphone

The Smartwatch selection is manageable for the iPhone, because Apple Watch and Pebble, there’s hardly a smart watch that works with iOS – at least officially. With a little trick, you can connect your iPhone every Android Smartwatch.
Believed to be some rumors circulating on the Web, Google will support with one of the upcoming Android wear versions of Apple’s iOS. If and when Google actually decides to take this step, is still completely unclear. You don’t have to wait on an official launch but also: thanks to apps like “Aerlink Wear Connect” you link to your iPhone every Android Smartwatch.

Smartwatch connect to the iPhone

Initially the small disadvantage: you need an Android Smartphone, in the short term to be able to install the app “Aerlink Wear Connect” on the clock, because only through this detour you pair the Smartwatch iPhone later. On the iDevice on the other hand, you need the free app “BLE Utility”.
Once you have installed both apps, you first start the Android app on the clock and then the Bluetooth app (BLE utility) on the iPhone. Now type in the application on the “Peripheral” tab and select the clock. More steps are not required, the Smartwatch is now ready for use.

What works and what you need to do without

Once the Smartwatch with the iPhone is connected, the clock displays notifications and incoming calls. Also, you can control the music player via Android wear. The most important basic functions work so easily. Other features you can not use however, about voice control, sending automated replies as well as voice memos and the navigation. In our test the connection also not always stable, that is, was and again we had to re-link the watch with a finger tip according to legalarmist.
All Smartwatches in the test, see our article”CHIP goes on time travel”as well as in our Leaderboard.  (man)