Android Wear 2.0 Release

It took almost a year, and now Android wear 2.0 is finally here. Google’s new clock system comes with pre-installed play store and the Google Assistant.

Actually, Android wear 2.0 was announced for autumn 2016. Many developers were but not at all satisfied with the software. Google took the criticism, postponed the start and improved to. Now the clock system is finally officially. As promised, Smartwatches with the new Android wear are independent from your Smartphone.

It reaches Google, in which it makes the play store directly on the clock. Content apps no longer transmitted from the phone on the wrist, but run natively on the clock. This is particularly interesting for iPhone owners. Although, Smartwatches could be already connect with Apple’s Smartphone. The functionality was limited but more or less on displaying notifications.

Android wear 2.0 with Google Wizard

Also new is the Google Assistant. So far, there was the enlarged version of Google now only for the pixel smartphones and the smart speaker Google home. With wear of Android 2.0, the Assistant now lands on each supported Smartwatch. In theory, you should can book table or navigate directly via the Smartwach. How well this works in Germany, will show up. The test of the pixel, we were not overly impressed by the Assistant. After all, is the artificial Assistant in addition to English in German available and otherwise supports any language.

In addition, Google has revised the ways how you can respond to incoming messages. In addition to a spoken message, your answers can now also paint or typing on a small QWERTY keyboard. In addition, the system supports now smart reply. That is, the wizard scans the messages and provides ready-made answers.

The two new LG watch LG watch sports and LG watch style are the first watches were running pre-installed Android wear 2.0. The software is a update also for many more devices. These include the ASUS ZenWatch 2 and 3, the fossil models Q founder, Marshal Q and Q the Huawei watch, watch R, watch urban and 2nd Edition LTE LG models and the two generation of Moto 360 hiking trails. All compatible watches you want to receive the update in the next few weeks.