And If Apple Watch Is Round?

The presentation of the Apple Watch this week has divided the world among fans of his eclectic rectangular, modern and classic design in equal parts, and those who expected a bet by circular screens as the bike 360. But, what PT would have a? Apple Watch round? Thanks to this conceptual design carried out on the basis of the interface and outlines of the Apple smart clock now you don’t have to keep dreaming it.

Precisely yesterday, during the debate on Engadget in which participated about if Apple has been the height of expectations, already noted that would not surprise me that Apple bets for circular designs for upcoming releases your watch. I did not have time to delve into this thought, but just view Watch OS interface to realize that would fit perfectly on a round screen.

Finally and after it should not be forgotten that only we have the first version of a new product category for Apple. I think there is room for both designs, round and square, in a catalogue which, from the outset, bet on the variety. Apple knows that a watch, something literally tied to our doll, is one of the most personal artifacts that can be utilized. Hence his unusual amount of options.

That Yes, with the permission of Alcion, the author of these images, don’t expect any intelligent watch market to achieve a such slim profile shortly. Eventually the miniaturization of components will play more in our favor, but at the moment, and much to my regret, is not more than the beautiful fever dream of a 3D designer.