All Information about Apple’s New Smartwatch

At the keynote, Apple has introduced the third version of the Apple Watch in addition to the latest iPhone models. In addition to an LTE modem, through which the clock itself can connect to the mobile network, the new Apple Watch brings some more hammer features with it.

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple makes the Apple Watch with a mobile phone more independent from the iPhone. The third generation of the device launched two and a half years ago can now go directly into the LTE data network. “This was our vision right from the start,” said Apple manager Jeff Williams on Tuesday. You should also be able to be reached on the clock under the telephone number of the mobile phone .

The additional technology had been accommodated in the case with unchanged size, stressed Williams. For this, the antennas, for example, were integrated directly into the display. A reprogrammable SIM card for the mobile phone connection has been permanently installed in the device. Williams demonstrated the function with a call on the clock of an employee who was just paddling in the middle of a lake.

Apple Watch: Best Selling Computer Clock And Number One Of All Watch Brands

The Apple Watch was since the start in spring 2015 the best-selling computer clock. Now she is also the number one among the watch brands overall, said Apple CEO Tim Cook. It remained open whether, according to unit numbers, or-more likely-by turnover. The Group still does not cite sales figures. Cook merely said that sales in the previous quarter had risen by 50 percent year-on-year.

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The Apple Watch will also show more information on the pulse and warn users if the heartbeat is too fast. Data from the device is intended to help diagnose cardiac arrhythmias in a study.

In addition, the clock is the first Apple Watch, which brings thanks to its own eSim LTE connectivity. Thus, it works independently of an iPhone and can itself be used for telephoning. The eSim can be operated with the same number of the iPhones and thus be added to the existing contract.

The Apple Watch is powered by a dual-core processor with 70 percent more power than its predecessor. Apple Watch 3 also supports Apple Music and Siri voice control.

The Apple Watch Series 3 will be released on September 22nd, also in Germany. Here, Apple works with Telekom. Cost point is 329 US dollars without LTE, 399 dollars with LTE.