Alcatel Watch Specifications

Their technical specifications, are a STM429 processor, with 512 MB RAMmemory, and a 210 mAh battery that gives us a range of between 2-3 days (thanks to the optimization of its own operating system). The sensors to highlight of this clock smart are: altimeter, pedometer, compass and meter of frequency heart; NFC and bluetooth connectivity. The Alcatel One Touch Watch is resistant to water and dust (recommended not to swim with him), certified IP67.

The connection NFC is very useful to synchronize quickly the clock with our smartphone if it has this type of connectivity.

The Alcatel clock has a screen circular touch 1.22 inch TFT, and resolution of 240 x 204 pixels. With this resolution, we have a density of 258 points per inch, there are many, but also need more since we won’t play videos, or view images (only the captured by the phone). From the same clock we can adjust the brightness in three intensities; abroad with brightness, you can see quite clearly.

Regarding the WatchFace (screen) we have three types that we can change from clock (classic, digital, and minimalist). From the phone application can change between different Watchface like LG Android Wear G Smartwatch, currently there are more than one dozen of them.

[Update application] With a new update of the application Move, already we can place a photograph as Watchface (wallpaper) of our clock. The process for change of image is fast and simple.

Functionality and synchronization

As we have seen, Alcatel watch is compatible with Android (4.3 or higher) and iOS (7.0 or +), connects through of Bluetooth 4.0.

The configuration of the device is performed by the own Alcatel app called OneTouch Move both available on iOS and Android. The connectivity sometimes can give different problems, and is can disconnect from our phone by different factors, although to us in several days not have had any disconnection.

Alcatel OneTouch isn’t clockwork Android, but your operating system (interface) simulates the OS for Android Wear in quite a bit. The icons that we find on the touch screen are limited, and by the black strip of the bottom can do “back” function (had to read the instructions to realize). Can move us by them different icons (that not are many) and then moving us towards above or below to read them notifications.

As a not-so-positive side, is that we don’t have any ability to interact with these notificiaciones (you can delete them not answer them). We can either make or answer calls from the Alcatel Smartwatch, since it has no microphone or speaker.

What if us has liked enough respect to them notifications, is that from your smartphone can configure of that applications like that you arrive the notifications to the watch (Whatsapp, Facebook, mail electronic, etc). Another advantage that we have found is that Watch alerts you when you receive an incoming call, you can choose up to ten people in your agenda, which will be which notify you the clock if they are that they call you.