Alcatel OneTouch Watch

Pros: ★ duration battery. ★ great quality / price ★ Compatible with iOS and Android.

Cons: ✢ few applications ✢ not it can interact with the notifications

The Alcatel OneTouch Watch, is one of the best Smartwatch of the market in relation to its quality price. Although its interface is very similar to them watches with Android Wear, its system operating own you made be compatible both with them systems operating of Android as of iOS. After several days of test of this smart timepiece we tell you everything you need to know about it. Cheap, functional and with some aspects quite positive regarding their competitors.

We chose it as one of our smartwatchs from Societypically for every day! You now you know him.

If you are looking to buy a Smart Watch that has support for different Smartphones (Android and iOS), which has a beautiful design, and that you do not exit at an excessive price, surely the Alcatel One Touch Watch can be an very good choice to choose.

Box with the contents of the Watch of Alcatel [Amazon]

Is clear that this watch of Alcatel is the best market smartwatch, nor the more functional; even your own operating system can limit it to different applications. But all this, not you removes the to comply with the following features so sought after in this type of devices:

  • Receive notifications of applications and social networks.
  • A design successful, and comfortable of carry.
  • Tools to receive your daily activity data (accelerometer, pedometer, cardiac rhythm sensoror, etc).
  • The music player control.
  • Alarm.
  • Remote control pictures.
  • Sleep monitor.

To buy Alcatel clock we find in the box the clock carrying a thin shield on the screen, a booklet of instructions, another book with all the details, and an extension cord for charging our clock.


How is the Alcatel OneTouch Watch?

At first glance the Alcatel clock has a great thought, due to its circular form, with the bike 360, even has the small black stripe at the bottom. Is currently available in two sizes and two colors (black and white).

The materials are of very good quality, and it gives us the feeling of being a tough and durable watch in time (we have several months with him and do not notice any signs of wear).

The version of the “white” Onetouch Watch thought quite rightly for them. The difference is not only in color, also the leash is smaller. The dimensions of the belt in this white version are of 109.2 mm + 66.74 mm.

The design of the clock us seems very successful, or is excessively elegant, nor too juvenile, can tell that is in a term average. In our view its worked design makes the clock to earn points with respect to other competitors.

The sphere with finished metal you provides a touch distinctive and at the same time of quality. Others finished as the marked “Alcatel Onetouch” in the pin of the strap show that the watch is has manufactured with enough success concerning its design.

The straps are not interchangeable, and its closure can be tricky the first few times until take you the “close form”. If you are of doll small not must of worry about you, the belt carries a “pin” that adapts the clock to the size of your doll, a time found it position is adjusts and closes perfectly.

One of their most special features of Alcatel Watch is the USB connector that is at the end of the belt and that serves to charge the device. You can carry it easily anywhere that has (recommended on a PC or laptop) USB adapter.