Alcatel OneTouch Watch Reviews

The S.O. of Alcatel is something “green” still, and the applications are that there are; a bet on Android Wear perhaps would have been more accurate, but that would lead us to a different clock model.

[Council users] An is the situations that us has happened with the Onetouch Watch, is that the clock not us notify them messages of the applications. This may be because we have activated the sleep monitor. If we start the monitor indicating that we are asleep, the watch will not we notify; nor is light if we turn the wrist.

In addition to the above account with Timer, digital compass, airplane mode, detect mobile, music player control, capture photos of the phone, and makes us weather forecasts of the weather.

Another thing us like quite of this clock, is that is active to the turn our doll, not have that touch the screen or press No button for is active. If that is truth, that in occasions must of turn it a couple of occasions for us detects the movement of the doll and is active.

Monitoring of physical activity and sleep

As it could not be otherwise, Alcatel clock also has its “sport” functionality. Using the app we will introduce some simple personal data, which will provide us with daily “targets” of activity that meet. The clock is in charge of give us them data of distances, calories, steps, made during the day; then we can see graphic in the app from the phone with all these data.

We have control of our physical and sports activity, and whether we have fulfilled our daily ‘objectives’.


In addition, another great feature is the heart rate monitor, we activate when we are unemployed. As indicates in the instructions of the watch, these data not have late medical, but only of life healthy and control of the health.

On the monitor of sleep, we have to tell you is not automatic, and that we have to manually activate (on the Watch Go its activation is automatic to the rest). Thanks to the data provided can meet them hours of dream, and few of these hours have been of dream deep or dream light. Also obtain graphics in the application of the phone from these data.

Conclusion Alcatel OneTouch Watch

We wanted to leave to the end one important aspect of the watch and it is your battery. This is of 210mAh (similar to others smartwatches), but its great advantage is that the S.O. not “Strip” much of she, by what if perform a use economic of the clock (turn off or mode aircraft in some moments of the day), the battery us can last until four days without have that load. By the way, that in 30-40 minutes you have the Alcatel OneTouch Watch to the 100% of load.

In short, as have commented in several occasions in different tops, think that although not is a clock with many functionalities, if that complies perfectly with which has. Is a simple and useful, beautiful to watch, and also we don’t have to be constantly loading. We have chosen it as one of the smartwatch to accompany us on every day, it seems to make us company for quite some time.

Alcatel OneTouch Watch due to its features, its battery of longer duration than other smart watches, and above all its moderate price, can be a very good choice for your first smartwatch.

Alcatel OnteTouch Watch clock is currently offer on the web from Amazon | 99,00€, with warranty of two years.