Alcatel OneTouch Watch Review

Design beautiful, functional and with heart rate monitor

Add this magnificent clock smart to the selection of smartwatch cheap and of quality, since can find this clock on offer below them 99,00 Euros.

You have a comprehensive analysis of this clock in our article on the Alcatel Watch, even if you then describe its most noteworthy features.

This Smartwatch is a clock of screen touch circular with a nice design, an aesthetic that it makes nice to carry in all time. Your belt is adapted correctly to any wrist due to its system of adjustment. Due to its system operating own is compatible both with phones Android (Android 4.3 or higher), as iPhone (iOS 7 or +).

Among its features are: Notificiaciones configurable, alarm, gauge of activity, calories, sleep, heart rate monitor, weather, compass, activation by motion of the wrist.

A disadvantage of the device is that having an own S.O. Alcatel Watch applications are many, although if enough to guarantee us a good amount of features.

The battery life is approximately between 4-5 days (superior to the average of other smartwatch). We can load it easily by USB through your belt, that also can be interchangeable. We can connect and synchronize it easily since it has Bluetooth 4.0, and connectivity for NFC.

You must add a heart rate sensor to measure our beats. Resistant to dust and water (IP67 certification).


Nice design and good quality in their finishes.

Compatible with iOS and Android.

Long life battery (above 5 days).

Not so good:

✦ do not have as many features as others Smartwatches

✦ Its sphere is rather thick.

As you have mentioned, the Alcatel One Touch Watch has lowered its price, and currently it can find in offer in Amazon approx 99,00 € .

In our opinion, this is one of the best smart watches of the time according to value for money.