Adidas Micoach: Smartwatch for Athletes

Update 18.10.2010:

The adidas miCoach smart run will be available from November at a price of less than 400 euros in Germany be. One reason for the high price may be the fact that adidas waives the coupling with a Smartphone. Other fitness gadgets use its sensors and they therefore do not need the watch. When the series smart run, however, integrates the entire technology directly into the clock, what pushes both the mass and the weight price up.

Original message from the 17.10.2013:

The sporting goods manufacturer adidas is expanding its commitment in the area of the fitness Gadgets: with the series smart run the Franks have a Smartwatch in the offer, which works without being connected to the phone and to satisfy the needs of all athletes.
The watch is silicone bracelet included 263,1 mm long, 48.4 millimeters wide at the display and 15.6 millimeters thick. The weight is relatively high among other things thanks to the housing made of stainless steel and magnesium with 80 grams. There is still lots of technology square, which contributes much to the weight inside the Smartwatch.
For the clock without any Smartphone to work, it contains a GPS receiver, an accelerometer and a heart rate monitor. The touch display with Gorilla glass measures 1.45 inches in diagonal and resolves with 184 x 184 pixels. Android 4.1.1 with an interface optimized for the small screen is used as the operating system.

Three operation modes for every area of application

From values such as heart rate, speed, distance travelled or past steps she determined run tips miCoach smart continuously, to improve the current training course. As Thefreegeography points out, for example, via Bluetooth by Audible statement or vibration, when the athletes to make slower or faster and displays movements of recommended exercises with anatomically correct animations.
The clock supports three power saving modes: it collects no data In the casual fashion and lasts about 14 days. In Marathon mode is run miCoach smart after around eight hours that every five seconds run out of steam, as it performs measurements. The training mode captures even every second all data from the sensors and empties the battery so within four hours. Then completely recharge the battery lasts four hours also.
The adidas miCoach smart run which offers storage space also has 3 GB of MP3s, will come soon for around $399 (around 290 euros) in the US market. Date and price for a possible start of Germany are not fixed yet.  (cel)