A11 Bluetooth Smartwatch Buy: More Than a Heart Rate Monitor – with Leather Strap

Today, we have a Smartwatch for you, which I can’t show as only the time. She is also able to measure the pulse. To do this, she comes with a chic leather bracelet and is cheap to purchase. What you want?

Many features

The A11 Bluetooth Smartwatch is a Smartwatch that has been annotated with a Mediatek MTK2502 chip. It comes with 128 MB of RAM and 64 MB of Flash memory. You connect it via Bluetooth with your Smartphone, which can be either an Androiddevice or iPhone. Android version 4.3, iOS support starting with version 7.0. The screen is doing 1.22 inches tall and has a resolution of 240 × 240 pixels.

The Smartwatch can take advantage of many Bluetooth features, such as telephony, which enables the built-in speaker and microphone. She can intercept incoming push messages such as SMS, WhatsApp, Twitter, Skype and phone calls. There are various gestures, that the clock operated kan, arm lift about wake-up.

In addition, the A11 to your fitness cares. She can monitor the pulse, analyze the sleep, or remind you of getting up. Common tools such as a pedometer and a remote control for the Smartphone camera should also not be missed of course.

Now on sale

You can now conveniently purchase the A11 Bluetooth Smartwatch at Gearbest. There, it is offered at a price of 39,29 euros.