A TAG Heuer Connected Six = Apple Watch Ceramic

The luxury watches forge TAG Heuer sets their Android wear Smartwatch TAG Heuer Connected in a new version. The new version, real gold is used instead of titanium. For the price of 9,300 euros, you not only about six get TAG Heuer Connected from Titan, but also about six Apple Watch series 2 ceramic.
It is already madness, what sum calls the luxury watch brand TAG Heuer for their newest Smartwatch trinket:whopping 9,300 Euro TAG Heuer Connected in the costing variant red gold. So far it could although to get the Smartwatch Android wear based on various bracelets, but the case was always made of titanium. With the new pink gold version extends the Smartwatch range of the manufacturer. Other variants should probably follow.

Most expensive Android wear Smartwatch:TAG Heuer connected red gold

With a price of 9,300 euros, the Red Gold version is definitely the TAG Heuer Connected the most expensive Android wear Smartwatch on the market. While is the titanium version already available with approximately 1,500 euros, the pink gold version costs nearly six times as much. The watch is but also six times as expensive as the new Apple Watch series 2 with ceramic housing. Nothing is changed by the way of the technical equipment.

TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch in the test

End of 2015 we were able to the titanium version of the editorial Smartwatch survey and undergo a comprehensive test. The optics and processing has really knocked us and is also still the benchmark for all other smart watches. The technical equipment is very abundant, but missing details such as a heart rate sensor or GPS.
What are the features that otherwise still has TAG Heuer Connected, read in our detailed test report.