6 Connected Watch For Christmas

A few weeks of the launch of the Apple Watch, competition draw its latest models for the year-end holidays. The perfect gift to put under the tree of athletes and geeks.

For nearly two years, LG, Sony, Motorola or Samsung launched their connected watch. Relay of smartphones via Bluetooth, they allow to see, at a glance, text messages, phone calls or emails received on your smartphone or to be guided by GPS through Google Maps for example.
Manufacturers have not waited for the presentation of the connected watch for Apple to offer high-end smart watches. In the run-up to the holiday season, and in the meantime Apple Watch, they have almost all refreshed their range. Selection of 6 connected watches for athletes and geeks.

1. The Bike 360 Motorola

The former property of Google Watch is a pioneer. She was the first to assume a round dial her bringing guns of traditional watchmaking. The bike 360 displays a sleek look and breed that make a discrete object on a daily basis. Made of quality materials, it is water resistant. Its screen displays notifications and reminders assistant Google Now as appointments, routes, or tips nearby.

The bike 360 evolves under Android Wear, the OS for connected objects from Google. It includes a suite of fitness applications to track physical activity and includes a heart rate monitor. Available since the end of October against 249 euros, she seduced the observers by its design, its finishes and its comfort. But its low autonomy and its system of notifications let on their hunger.

2. The Smartwatch Sony 3 SWR50

The third generation of Sony smartwatch, first great brand of the sector to try to connected watches the beginning of 2013, is distinguished by its sporty look. Its screen can be transformed into autonomous player and its integrated GPS makes it more necessary the smartphone for jogging. Presented at the IFA to last October, it also embeds an altimeter.

Under Android Wear, like the bike 360, the SmartWatch 3 includes Lifelog, an application that allows the monitoring of physical activity (walking, running walk, bike) movements and synchronization of the data collected (number of not, pace) and quality of sleep, heart rate… in order to define and track specific goals.

The Sony SmartWatch 3 is available in France since November against 229 euros. If it is already out of stock on the website of the brand, it is available on websites like Getzipcodes or Amazon.

3. The Watch LG R

With its round dial needles, the second connected watch of the Korean manufacturer contains the codes of the tocantes of flier. Conversely the Watch of Apple, its touchscreen is resistant to water and dust. More enduring than most of its competitors, up to 1.5 days of autonomy announced, Watch R changes look like bracelet, at the option of the many interchangeable models available on the market.

Under Android Wear also, it incorporates a suite of health and well-being LG Healthapplications, that allows, as most of its competitors, to perform and to centralize a multitude of data, the heart rate to physical activity. Available since mid-November, it is sold 269 euros.

4. The Samsung Galaxy Gear S

As in the early 1980s K 2000flagship series, she is the first shows connected to be able to be used without a smartphone (thanks to a SIM card slot). An honor that she owes to Tizen, its interface created specially for her by Samsung. Its tilted touchscreen incorporates a keyboard to respond instantly to incoming messages. In General, is the smart watch that integrates the most features. Water resistant, it incorporates an exclusive UV sensor.

Operating system incorporates S Health, a health and fitness trainer shaped app that offers to follow different fitness exercise programs in shape. Data (rhythm heart, activities, temperature, humidity, number of steps, calories…) are collected using sensors and a GPS. It also measures the quality of sleep. Finally, it benefits from the Samsung Store, which advanced the figure of more than 1,000 apps already available for smartwatches.

Like its competitors, the Samsung Gear S is available in France recently. It is sold at Amazon against 477 euros.

5. The Asus Zen Watch

A bit more affordable, the ZenWatch of the Taiwanese manufacturer opts for sobriety. Color leather strap dial steel needles, wood… Its design is slick, elegant finishings. It embeds Android Wear, the Google software solution for connected objects. Via Bluetooth or Wi – Fi, it can be combined with all Androiddevices. Its battery allows him to take a day.

The Asus ZenWatch is available since a few days in the United States. Its marketing in France and Europe should not delay. Sold $ 199.

6. The Activity Whithings

This is not a smart watch, insofar as it held the full range of functions specific to them. But the Withings activity also plays in the big leagues. By its price, especially, since this activity sensor is sold 390 euros. Design as. Because if it is essentially a tracker of activity (number of steps, distance, calories and sleep), his leather bracelet, dial needles, his sapphire glass screen and autonomy of one year (via battery) ask it without problems in the standards of watch industry watches. The Withings activity is available since November against 390 euros. But its stocks are already almost exhausted. Some models are available at Colette, in Paris.


  • Discover the bracelet connected iHealth to motivate you to stay healthy
  • Discover the bracelet connected iHealth, to motivate you to stay healthy

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