Our New Special: Luxury Watches

As you know the vast majority of us holidays, are over us so… is time to terminate our special about luxury holidays.

We wanted to replace it and has occurred to us that there is a complement above all others especially linked to the world of luxury, the Watch and who have spoken very little of them in Embelezzia in relation to its importance, so we already have a protagonist, during the next few months I will speak of Luxury watches. Continue reading “Our New Special: Luxury Watches”

BASELWORLD 2008: Watches Glycine Incursore Black Jacks

Glycine, After the launch in the fall of the new collection Incursore Black Jack, now add 2 new models, simple but very black.

The predominance of black giving name to the collection Incursore Black Jack prevails, the box and the sphere are this color and clockwise and other details are white and red. These two new models arrive for the great success with the first models of the collection.INCURSORE Black Jack Chronograph Automatic Continue reading “BASELWORLD 2008: Watches Glycine Incursore Black Jacks”

SIHH 2008: What’s New in Watches Piaget

Each time is less so that it begins one of the most important fairs of the world of watchmaking, the SIHH (Salon International of the Haute Horlogerie). Many of the exhibitors are already showing models that present in the classroom, Piaget for his part, teaches us 3 new models: Piaget Altiplano G0A33112, Piaget Emperor Coussin Perpetual Calendar G0A33018 and G0A33019. Continue reading “SIHH 2008: What’s New in Watches Piaget”

Microsoft Puts Face Outlook Watches Android Wear

That you see in pictures is the new look that has Outlook in a watch Android Wear, and is that Microsoft He likes to occasionally make new inroads on competitive platforms, or improve what you already had. In the case that concerns us is the application Outlook for Android, you will now have this view from the watches. Continue reading “Microsoft Puts Face Outlook Watches Android Wear”