iWatch: Apple the Most Ambitious Project Since the Iphone?

Apple multiplies hiring to carry out his project “iWatch”, with objective marketing in the second half of 2014 (read: iWatch: Apple hires turn to arms for release in 2014). The development of this new product is more complex than expected, Apple decided to recruit quickly new talent.

Like the iPhone in its time, this is a new field of exploration. Still in its infancy, the wearable computing is probably the next eldorado for the high-tech industry who begins to see, on the one hand, the market decline of the PC, and on the other, the coming of age of smartphones. Continue reading “iWatch: Apple the Most Ambitious Project Since the Iphone?”

The Smartwatch Iwatch From Apple

It is almost two years that the rumors surrounding the Iwatch (smart watch from Apple) stop talking to her. Some note on the watch of the Lockness.

To start the first rumors indicated that the watch was supposed to come out in 2013. Forced to note that this was not the case. The latest rumor in date assumes that the Apple of the month of June conference (2014) will present it to the eyes of the world to get her out next September. These are assumptions, however this would be a common strategy for Apple to announce a product before the holiday to attack back and explode sales at Christmas. Continue reading “The Smartwatch Iwatch From Apple”

Glance The Smartwatch Is That It Attaches to Any Clock

One of the problems of the Smart Watches It is their design: many dream of having a connected device on your wrist but now options that there are us away from the conventional models, which we have carried life and really like us. There are interesting concepts, but they are nothing more than that at the moment: a lot of ideas in the mind of designers. Continue reading “Glance The Smartwatch Is That It Attaches to Any Clock”

Samsung Gear S2 Reviews

Unlike most smartwatches on the market, the Gear S2 does not run Android Wear, but Tizen, an open operating system used primarily by Samsung. Just like in the version of the mobile operating system, this brings some complications. The main thing is the lack of apps: developers for Android, in addition to adapting their applications to Android Wear, would need to make new versions of the application to run on the smart clock. Continue reading “Samsung Gear S2 Reviews”

Chic French Smartwatches

It may well be that next Christmas you find the new smart watch of the Vuarnet brand under your tree.

A Smart Watch 100% French

The French eyewear Vuarnet has just announced that he was going to develop a whole new Smart Watch both “sport and chic”. The brand actually entrusted manufacturing as well as distribution of its future product to Red Luxury French society, the market leader in watches. Continue reading “Chic French Smartwatches”

LG G Watch and Its Features Leaked: More Potent Than Many Current Smartphones

In the last hours it has leaked a list of features of the LG G Watch, that is expected to be one of the first Android Wear market. A smartwatch which, if we study characteristics, we find that It is superior to many phones that are used today. Continue reading “LG G Watch and Its Features Leaked: More Potent Than Many Current Smartphones”

Google Smartwatch Specifications Have Been Made Public

The smartwatch market is growing and more and more brands want to be present and with offers that stand out from the competition.

After Samsung has revitalized consumer interest with the launch of Gear, everything points to a new offer coming soon from Google. Continue reading “Google Smartwatch Specifications Have Been Made Public”

So Imagine a Smartwatch “At Large” in The 1980s

It can be that the Smart Watches They are starting to get fashionable now, but the concept is by no means new. Microsoft has already sought to take advantage of a similar concept with its Smart Personal Object Technology (SPOT) in 2004, but earlier, much earlier, already initiated efforts that became more versatile devices to traditional watches. Continue reading “So Imagine a Smartwatch “At Large” in The 1980s”

Sony Will Not Use Android Wear On Their Smartwatches For Now

Google’s presentation of its wearable OS, Android Wear, has opened the door to a wide range of manufacturers who can now venture into this new market and its potential.

The list of Google partners in this new adventure is great, but it lacks some giants who already have a presence in this market. Sony is one of them, and has announced that it does not plan to bring Android Wear to its Smartwatch. Continue reading “Sony Will Not Use Android Wear On Their Smartwatches For Now”

Samsung Has Ready a Smartwatch Phone with Function, According to WSJ

If just yesterday I had rumors about a possible attachment of virtual reality of Samsung, Koreans, according to the WSJ, would also be ready to present in a few weeks, a new smartwatch. Another? But if still we are waiting for Gear 2? Continue reading “Samsung Has Ready a Smartwatch Phone with Function, According to WSJ”