Samsung Orbis: Round Smartwatch Answer At Moto 360

Samsung’s gear family is supposed to get growth. Round growth: under the code name “Orbis”, the South Korean electronics giant to Moto 360 and LG working Gwatch R – and this may be a counterpart to the digital Crown set the Apple Watchto a competitor for the round Smartwatches.
Motorola’s Moto 360 and the LG have done it G watch R, now also Samsung should do a round Smartwatch on the market. That announced the usually well informed blog SamMobile in an exclusive report, but without to reveal where the information is provided. For this, the report cites the spade a spade: “Orbis” to mean the first round gear Smartwatch and run under the product code “SM-R720”. Continue reading “Samsung Orbis: Round Smartwatch Answer At Moto 360”

Apple Watch Is Most Popular Smartwatch In Germany: Samsung Behind It

The Apple Watch leads the ranking of the most popular Smartwatches not only inGermany: the Auditors Deloitte have published a study according to which the wearable Apple dominates the Smartwatch market in several countries. Samsung remains in this country only the second place.
First and foremost, the analysis by Deloitte actually revolves around the effects of the Smartwatch on the Swiss watch industry. An exciting point in it is the rank list of manufacturers but watches in several countries smarter. Therefore, the Apple Watch is, for example, the most popular Smartwatch in Switzerland, the USA, Germany, China and Japan. By the way, not only the first generation of wearables out wastaken into account when collecting Cupertino, but also the newly introduced Apple Watch series 2. Continue reading “Apple Watch Is Most Popular Smartwatch In Germany: Samsung Behind It”

HTC In This Video Shows His Smartwatch One Wear?

How far is HTC to develop of its first Smartwach? A video of everyday work in thecompany gives hope: is a gadget with strap on a desk. Here we take a look at thealleged HTC one wear?
The less than one-minute video, posted on YouTube, already comes from early July 2014. In it, HTC provides insight in its premises and on the jobs of some of his employees. That the supposed Smartwatch randomly it appears, may be doubted in view of the professionalism of the videos. It could be a prototype, shows the final design, which should be already here hidden teased. Continue reading “HTC In This Video Shows His Smartwatch One Wear?”

Code Name “Halfbeak”: Photos Surfaced Of Htcs Smartwatch

HTC Halfbeak is still in development? Many smartphone makers have released since 2014 Smartwatches. What HTC is concerned, so there are only rumors and leaks for years by a model which is to bear the code name “Halfbeak”. Even if is not known at what stage of development is the wearable, so new photos indicate that the development is still progressing.
At first glance, the gadget in the new photos is very similar to the Smartwatch wasseen most recently in the October 2016 gel files recorded. Is unique in the pictures, met with dieAndroid police at Weibo, again to see a wearable with HTC and thesporting goods manufacturer under armour logos. Also the heart rate monitor and a series of contact pins that can be used to recharge the battery, is a picture towhich you want to show the back of the Smartwatch. Continue reading “Code Name “Halfbeak”: Photos Surfaced Of Htcs Smartwatch”

Garmin Vivoactive Test: This Sport Watch Would Be Like A Smartwatch

Whether you swim, jogs, stand on the pedals or swinging the Clubon the gold course: the Garmin vivoactive will give you not only GPS sports watch to the side stand, but also bring closer a little Smartwatch feeling.
A black, rectangular box: For the Garmin vivoactive there any prizes.But she will also convince as a fashion item, but as a sports watch. So it is well, she can just eight different sports track: swimming, golf,cycling, jogging and walking, and the last three as indoor variants on the treadmill or Ergometer. A chest strap is included with the pulse measurement, you can connect to the vivoactive. Continue reading “Garmin Vivoactive Test: This Sport Watch Would Be Like A Smartwatch”

Samsung Gear S2: Smartwatch Round Presented With Mobile And Tizen

After Samsung last month only a teaser to the gear S2präsentierte,is now the official announcement of the Smartwatch is carried out. As expected, the manufacturer of the angular design and the operating system of its predecessor moves away and instead endows it with a round display and Tizen. Optionally the Smartwatch brings even mobile. The navigation is done through a rotating bezel. Continue reading “Samsung Gear S2: Smartwatch Round Presented With Mobile And Tizen”

Samsung Galaxy S6 With Round Smartwatch At MWC?

Samsung has presented his Galaxy S6 with the mysterious working title “Project Zero” at CES to only a small circle of selected industry specialists, it says. Now, business insider, new info about the alwaysmore likely presentation of the next premium smartphones at the mobile reported to have discovered World Congress 2015 in Barcelona. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S6 With Round Smartwatch At MWC?”

Fitbit Blaze In The Test: A Fitness Watch, But Still Long No Smartwatch

A colorful display, a stylish case and hidden a personal trainer: thenew fitness watch Fitbit blaze has a lot to offer. But keeps them in training also promises the data sheet? The test.
After a year, the Fitbit will blaze the Fitbit surge as a premium model of wearables manufacturer. The Fitness Watch more than a Fitnesstracker can a Smartwatch, but less than. The features include the counting of steps and floors, the calculation of calories consumed and travelled routes. A stopwatch, a timer and an alarm clock are alsobuilt like a heart rate monitor for the permanent monitoring of yourheartbeat. Continue reading “Fitbit Blaze In The Test: A Fitness Watch, But Still Long No Smartwatch”

Realsense Camera, Fossil Smartwatch & Curie Chip: Intel’s Future Visions

At Intel’s Developer Conference, IDF, there were not only news for friends of processors and programmer, but also three pretty cool gadgets.
Ask somebody who knows it. Said and done. Android wear Smartwatches always only from technology companies such as LG, Samsung and Motorola were, now also the jewellery and watch manufacturer fossil has introduced a watch with the Google operating system.The stage was for Intel’s Developer Conference IDF. Continue reading “Realsense Camera, Fossil Smartwatch & Curie Chip: Intel’s Future Visions”

Casio WSD-F20 In The Hands-On: Outdoor Smartwatch With Androidwear 2.0

The predecessor Smartwatch liked us, yet has managed the manufacturer on the Casio WSD-F20 have a few things to improve. There are wear of Android 2.0.
“If it works out in the next version with the GPS chip, there is really hardly anything that speaks against the Casio.” That was the bottom line to the Casio smart outdoor Watch (WSD-F10), which has cut offwith a grade 8.8 very well with us. At CES, 2017 have the Japanese now presented the successor, the Casio WSD-F20 – and actually builta GPS chip. With its help you can also navigate trekking adventuresor other outdoor activities.
If you previously download the appropriate map material from Mapbox on the clock, the Smartphone can stay home even complete.On this new offline map, you can mark points along the way, that you enjoyed particularly good or where such good fishing spots are located. In addition, Casio installed a new Watchface that can display many information. Which can you select directly on the dial and itmust not go in the settings or an extra Watchface app. Continue reading “Casio WSD-F20 In The Hands-On: Outdoor Smartwatch With Androidwear 2.0”