Alcatel MOVE TIME (Track & Talk): Smartwatch and Children Watch Comes from 89.90 euro

The Alcatel brand has the “MOVE TIME” and the “MOVE TIME Track & talk” at the IFA presented two new Smartwatches. While the “MOVE TIME’ normal users is, is designed ‘track & talk” for children.

Unfortunately, Alcatel at the normal Movetime has apparently not Android Wear, but a proprietary software solution. This is especially sad when the price 149,90 EUR she was announced for the narrow purse but actually as a “Budget clock”. After all, can convince the data sheet: resolves the 1.39-inch display with 400 x 400 pixels, you have trust lack 3 g module on the coupled Smartphone if you would like to call on the clock. This is no problem thanks to the speakers and microphone, however. The other functions are confined to what must these days can a Smartwatch: fitness features like pedometer and heart rate sensor, gesture control, reminders, notifications of the Smartphone. Continue reading “Alcatel MOVE TIME (Track & Talk): Smartwatch and Children Watch Comes from 89.90 euro”

Buy MiFRee Q8: Smartwatch with Additional Features in the Offer

We want to imagine today a Smartwatch tasked first of all is to show the time. Secondary come wearing additional features, which are but also nothing to sneeze at. It’s the MiFRee Q8.

That you can expect

The MiFRee Q8 is a Smartwatch with a 1.22-inch screen. 240 × 204 pixels are displayed on it. It’s a touch screen. The installed processor is a MTK2502 that supports the Bluetooth 4.0. The casing is protected against splashing water to IP56. Continue reading “Buy MiFRee Q8: Smartwatch with Additional Features in the Offer”

DASQ: Tiger Smartwatch Now for 150 Euros

United navigation brings the first Smartwatch under the name Tiger Smartwatch into the market through its subsidiary Dasq. The Smartwatch Tiger comes with a 1.22 inch touchscreen and costs 150 euros.

The Smartwatch Tiger has an optical pulse sensor, so that you can keep the pulse the eye. Smartwatch with 122 grams the Tigers no longer among the lightweights. This has it but revealed should have with all standard functions, that today a Smartwatch. Connect to your Smartphone via Bluetooth and allows also to be notified about incoming emails, text messages or updates on social networks. Continue reading “DASQ: Tiger Smartwatch Now for 150 Euros”

Zeblaze Flash buy: Smartwatch and Smartphone in One

The Zeblaze Flash is a Smartwatch that despite its compact housing, manages to combine a Smartphone in itself. Equipped with a SIM card, it can act as independent from a Smartphone. However, it is of course possible to connect a Smartphone.

Round 1.33 inch display

It is only after the design, if Flash at the Zeblaze to a Smartwatch. It is so much more that hides behind the 1.33-inch display that is protected by the Gorilla glass 3 hardware from a Smartphone. The processor is a Mediatek MTK6580 with four cores and 1.3 GHz. He comes with a Mali-400MP graphics processor. Continue reading “Zeblaze Flash buy: Smartwatch and Smartphone in One”

Frederique Constant: Presents new Smartwatch Collection

The Swiss manufacturer Frederique Constant, known for its luxury watches, has unveiled a new Smartwatch collection. The new models are each five for men and five products designed for women. At first glance, resemble ordinary watches the watches and come out directly as a Smartwatch. Because they have no digital and analog dial. Continue reading “Frederique Constant: Presents new Smartwatch Collection”

Xiaomi AMAZFIT Buy: the Sports Smartwatch for High Demands

Xiaomi has an own Smartwatch in the portfolio. It is called Amazfit and has as well as all the features you would expect from a fully equipped Smartwatch. Among other things, there are GPS and a heart rate monitor. In addition a timeless elegant design and a reasonable price.

So it looks

The Xiaomi Amazfit is a Smartwatch which is interesting especially for athletes. Xiaomi has already made experiences with fitness bracelets how band and the MI band 2. in this regard is the MI not to fear, that at least the basics will incorrectly fail. The Smartwatch will have a round dial. It can also measure the pulse. Continue reading “Xiaomi AMAZFIT Buy: the Sports Smartwatch for High Demands”

Zeblaze Classic: New Smartwatch Presented in a Classic Design

The Chinese company Zeblaze brings a more favourable Smartwatch into the market with the Zeblaze classic. With the new model is one strongly based on the design of classic watches, however, is the price relatively cheap $36.99.

Zeblaze relies on a 1.21-inch display, thanks to which the Watch has a relatively average size for his new Smartwatch named simple classic. As usual is a MediaTek MT2502C installed as processor, accompanied by the standardized, proprietary OS for Chinese Smartwatches. So the Zeblaze different classic when it comes to software, at most some own Watchfaces from models of competition. Usual functions such as fitness and sleep tracking are of course integrated, also the wearable in the position should be to record the heart rate and UV radiation. Continue reading “Zeblaze Classic: New Smartwatch Presented in a Classic Design”

Nokia: Surfaced Video of a Moonraker Smartwatch

Nokia before of its acquisition by Microsoft was working on an own Smartwatch. The Smartwatch was referred to internally as Moonraker, but because Microsoft Project has provided a how we reported to have – is, never on the market. Now a Hands-On video on YouTube showed up but, that shows an advanced prototype in action.

Presumably the company from Redmond development in favour of the own product was the Microsoft Band. Is the stage in which the development of the “Moonraker” found himself in following Hands-On videos from Nokisbar post to see. Continue reading “Nokia: Surfaced Video of a Moonraker Smartwatch”

Samsung Gear S3: Images Show Construction of the Smartwatch

The IFA 2016 Samsung with the Gear S3 classic and frontier presented his latest Smartwatch models, which will be delivered soon in Germany. In an article in its own blog, the Korean manufacturer told us now for more information on the internal structure of the device.

Many can hardly expect Germany launch of the Samsung gear S3 classic and frontier – in a few days, the first models of the Smartwatch will be delivered at last. To make it even more palatable the own wearable customers, Samsung released interesting details and pictures which illustrate the development of the device. To see among other things detail shots are of by Corning Gorilla glass SR + protected super-AMOLED displays and the used motherboard. Continue reading “Samsung Gear S3: Images Show Construction of the Smartwatch”

If It’s under the Christmas Tree “Ticking”: Smartwatches Lead to the Wish Lists

Wrist watches on the gift table have a rarity value. For some time, they are however replaced by intelligent Smartwatches. The smart watches are many high on the wish list. Accordingly the analysts expect also a strong growth in the fourth quarter of 2016. Who himself/herself or others for Christmas a joy with such networked wants to watch on the wrist, can choose from a large range of models. We introduce three popular models that are together with a nice Christmas card underneath the Christmas tree. More information is here. Continue reading “If It’s under the Christmas Tree “Ticking”: Smartwatches Lead to the Wish Lists”