How to Choose a Watch Strap

The style of your watch is not only based on the shape of his face or its mechanism. The bracelet is also a key part of its allure. You have opted for a dive watch, to a skeleton watch or a moon phase watch, here are some tips for you choose his watch bracelet.

Leather bracelets

The leather is a noble material rather intended for the classic watches, and totally prohibited for diving and for flier watches and do not really correspond to large chronographs. Lamb, ostrich, python or alligator, there are different types of leather. Always choose a quality skin that resists folding, sweating, friction, moisture and twists. The best option is to choose a bracelet of the same brand as your watch, to avoid any difference in size but also to benefit from the advice of a professional who will advise you which best fits the style of your timepiece. About the free color you choose for yourself. Think to succeed a good association between the bracelet and dial. There are also more technical bracelets that are resistant to water and that are adaptable to waterproof watches, such as those in shark skin tight. Noted that the leather bracelets are those who resist the less well to the Sun and sea water. They are therefore rather to avoid the summer. Finally, it is a matter that is evolving and that tends to relax, do not opt for a slightly large bracelet.

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Buy Bracelet Watches

Between the brand, the size, the shape, the price… it is sometimes difficult to choose his watch, then here are a few tips.

Should I wear a watch? What is your budget for his watch? And most importantly… how to choose the right shows? Remember, in this article I presented a very nice watch to the English PAUL SMITH brand, whose pictures also illustrate the current article.

Guess, Diesel, Fossil, Adidas, Marc Jacobs… but how to choose the right bracelet watch and above all… should we wear the same watch all the time?

To help you, we’ll put in place a series of questions that you must answer in order to help you in the choice.

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Michel Herbelin Watches Review

Michel Herbelin offers a vast selection of watches, distributed in twenty collections. So that you can better find your way around its different categories, we have organized our guide to introduce you to the most beautiful models of Herbelin watches for man and woman.

The entire range of timepieces Michel Herbelin is distributed in the following collections: Michel Herbelin Newport Grand Sport, Newport Yacht Club, City, metropolis, Embassy, Odyssey, legacy, classic, Epsilon, hitch, Equinox, 5th Avenue, Salambo, Cables, Antares, getaway, Kharge, pearls, Luna, Veglione and Strella.

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