Moto 360 Sports Watch

Both its Classic version and Sport, the Gear smartwatch S2 is certified IP68, which ensures complete protection against dust and can withstand complete immersion conditions than 1 meter for more than 30 minutes.


Inside it has a Exynos 3250 processor, accompanied by 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of storage space. Its battery, mAh 250, is very well used by Tizen, the operating system of the South Korean company owner. With moderate use based on notifications and alerts, it worked more than 24 hours without recharging.

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No.1 G3 Smartwatch Chinese Cheap and Analysis

Pros: ★ handsfree (make / receive calls) ★ SIM card ★ Compatible with iOS and Android beautiful design memory card features ★ ★ ★

Cons: ✢ battery between 1-2 days (loading wireless).

We have tested during several days the NO.1 G3 a smartwatch of multiple features and with a design very similar to the Samsung GEAR S2. A Chinese watch that has a nice design and a very good finish as well as useful.

From we want to give them thanks to iGOGO by facilitate us this smartwatch and can perform a analysis of the NO.1 G3.

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FINOW Q1 3G Smartwatch Phone

Clock with Android 5.1 (Apps of Play Store) + GPS + Wi-Fi + card SIM


Thanks to Gearbest we could analyze to fund this Watch with Android, and our opinion is very favorable. Being one of the most modern and functional market models.

Us has liked enough your design, your belt of silicone and closing easy, and the possibility of load wireless. In general enough quality in the finish.

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U11 Smartwatch Reviews

After the success of the U8, was of foresee that appeared new models on the market with greater functionality. A few months ago have in the market the U11, independent older brother uwatch.

In the Smartwatch U11 can find the same features that in the U8, but also have some advantages respect to the model above. Its design is very similar to previous versions although this time we can buy it in black, grey and silver.

Its screen is much better, since it is still touch and has a resolution of 320 x 320 HD, 1, 59″. The battery also has one greater autonomy, can get up to 2-3 days without having to make a charge.

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Top Rated Smart Watches

Smart watches stopped being a curiosity in the technology marketplace. While still have to go a long way, options already have tools to satisfy a user segment. For mobile phone notifications, or monitoring physical activity, the fact is that already carry smartwatches sold worldwide about 78 million units worldwide in 2015, according to an IDC report.

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Gnomon Watches

Yesterday was the first May 25 in at least six years that the anniversary of the revolution with the clock tower of the Cabildo of Buenos Aires in operation, thanks to the donation of a watchmaker was celebrated.

In 2010 the firm Gnomon Watches Monumentales installed a clock in the Casa Rosada and its owner, Guillermo del Valle, saw the Cabildo clock did not work. “Since then we are I asking to be repaired But on one pretext or another, they did last year, after send a letter to the former Minister of Culture Teresa Parodi, we went to see the clock and are two options:.. Fix or automate it. they responded that they had no budget, “says del Valle.

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TAG Heuer Smartwatch Review

The model uses Android Wear and has a circular screen protected by sapphire crystal, and a design that follows the one of his classics, Carrera.

TAG Heuer introduced the smartwatch which had been talking for some time : it runs Android Wear (the same platform using Motorola, Huawei, LG, Asus and others) and carries within it an Intel dual – core processor, such as the recent Fossil Q Founder .

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Smart Watches with Android Wear

Designed with a square screen and another round, a tour of the most outstanding features and functions of the two models smartwatch based operating system Google.

Wristwatch, exactly as we knew for almost 100 changed. Not only it tells time. It is a partner device connected to the Internet in many cases a smartphone and as almost a logical consequence, it has become a notification center.What happens in the network through the mobile and then comes to wearable . Then we arrive by transitive emails, WhatsApp and what happens in social networks.

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Samsung Smart Watches Review

Samsung posted a video with a preview of his new watch with a circular screen; while it is confirming that the new Moto 360 will have two sizes; Google, meanwhile, released an update for the operating system watches.


Samsung released a video showing a preview of his new smart watch, the Gear S2, the first company with a circular screen. By suggesting the video, in this case the South Korean company will continue to pursue its own platform (most smartwatch company uses Tizen) and an interface with some distributed in a circle elements, a provision similar to the one you chose LG for Watch Urbane LTE, based on WebOS. What is less clear is whether the clock take, as had been rumored, a rotating bezel to control device functions.

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