Functionality of Finow Q1 Smartwatches

As for the functionality of this watch, we can say that it is practically the same as that can bring you a phone. But to give you an idea we tell you some of its main functions.

Remember that has GPS, Wi-FI, and possibility of adding card SIM (independence total of your phone).

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What Can Improve the Q1 Watch

There are some things that have not liked much of the Finow Q1.

On the one hand, 400mAh battery consumption. As you put to tinker and to activate GPS, Wi-Fi, etc… in some hours you have consumed the battery. The clock is indicating the percentage of battery that is left in each moment by what does not catch you by surprise.

To relieve this eventuality, Finow brings us a Wireless charger best we tested (their imams are quite powerful). In less than an hour you can have your smartwatch loaded to the 100%.

The major drawback is moving from screen back, especially when you are in the setting. Not having a button to navigate backward, this Act is made moving the screen from top to bottom (at least we have not discovered otherwise). In some occasions there is that try it several times, since not passed to the window main. In the worst case, there to do a reset to go back.

Solution – passing of screen: after tinkering and play, have found that to move to the previous screen (go back), you move your finger from the top all the way down. Of this form you’ll move to the screen above with ease.

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Pokémon GO Smartwatch

These days few have not heard talk of the game of the year (and who knows if of the Decade), Pokémon GO. He game of Nintendo that you will take to the street to hunt these small “animals”.

Pokémon GO is the first Nintendo game for phones. The official launch took place in countries such as Japan and Australia, and in a matter of days has been able to play in many more countries around the world.

For those who do not know what is Pokémon GO you it is summarized very easily.

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How to Play Pokemon GO with a Smartwatch

When you already have everything correct (remember having access to internet). Only you must activate the GPS, and you can already begin to catch Pokemon and easy way.

The game adapts graphically correctly your screen of the Smartwatch. Although you will have to wait a few seconds.

To what does not have access is to the part of reality augmented. To the not have camera not can see the Pokemon in the screen (but that does not influences to hunt them).

One of the advantages of playing in our smartwatch is not to make the expenditure of our phone battery. And also be able to access always easily to the application.

You let these models of smartwatches 100% compatible :

  • Smartwatch No.1 D6 GPS + WiFi + Android 5.1 (SIM card)
  • Watch FINOW Q1 GPS + WiFI + Android 5.1 (SIM card) – €67,00

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The Bracelet Pokemon GO Plus

Currently the app from Pokémon GO is not supported on Android Wear. So you can not install it on devices with this operating system.

But there is still likely to be coach Pokémon without having to be removing your phone from the Pocket.

[Guide] Install Pokemon GO in Smartwatch with Android

First and most essential is to get a Smartwatch with Android 4.4 or higher, that has GPS, and internet connection (WiFi or SIM card).

The procedure to be able to play from the clock is simple.

You must download the APK file from this site or Play Store. Open the file and accept the differ.

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Samsung GEAR Fit 2 Bracelet with GPS and Better Screen

Pros: Screen Super AMOLED ★ GPS and HR ★ pretty ★ ★ S Health design

Cons: ✢ not compatible with iOS ✢ price ✢ autonomy of battery (3-4 days approx)

As we have said on some occasions, the differences between activity and a smartwatch in some cases bracelets are let. This occurs with the Samsung GEAR Fit 2, a smartband with curved screen, designed for any athletes.

Samsung is betting by wearables devices and your system operating Tizen, although in this case already facilitates compatibility with different devices that are not your brand. There is that remember that the previous version of the GEAR Fit so only was compatible with terminals Galaxy.

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Samsung GEAR Fit 2 Technical Characteristics

This smart bracelet carries an Exynos dual core processor 1 GHz; also has 512 MB in RAM, and 4 GB of memory.

Your operating system is Tizen, although it is compatible with all Android devices with 4.4 or higher, and 1.5 GB of Ram. Device only Samsung is required Android 4.3. Not is compatible with devices iOS.

Your battery is 200mAh, somewhat lower than the of the smartwatch. It has an average of between three, four days autonomy. Load is done with a cable that is specially adapted to the device.

Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2

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What’s New with Smartwatch for Late Summer (2016)

There are many readers of this website, interested in the evolution and new news from the smartwatches. While we realize come Christmas, and little by little, manufacturers are encouraged to present their innovations for those dates.

After a small break, for news of them large brands, seems that the thing is encouraged.

Manufacturers like Xiaomi or Samsung are preparing new models face next Christmas. But not are the unique, then you bring some new devices that can appear in few weeks in the market of the wearables.

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Meizu Mix, a New Chinese Smart Watch

This manufacturer is perhaps not so well known as the previous two, but it is a mark of prestige in his country, China.

The Asian manufacturer is going to offer to the market the Meizu Mix. A watch smart with system operating own (without Android Wear), that rather seems a watch conventional of needles, with some functions of wearable.

Unknown if will carry sensors, or that type of notifications will appear on this elegant watch. If we know, that the battery life will be approximately eight months.

So who seek a clock of long duration with regard to battery, and that has a nice design. It can be a device to consider.

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